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Top Crypto Events Planned for Tomorrow

1 - BSCEX (BSCX): Token Launch

Bscdottools ⁩ announces that their IDO/ Public Sale/ $TOOLS Token Launch Date will be at 10:30 EST, March 6th.

2 - Fuse Network Token (FUSE): Mantra/Fuse Partnership

25,000 Worth of $USDC and $OM tokens will be supplied set to go live Saturday 6th March at 3 pm UTC.

Some World Crypto News

#1 - Rock band Kings of Leon will claim a page in the history books today when they become the first music artists in the world to release an album as a form of cryptocurrency.
The Tennessee four-piece will release ‘When You See Yourself’ as a non-fungible token (NFT) at 5pm today.
The nature of an NFT means the token can only be used as a currency within its own unique ecosystem – in this case for deals on concert tickets and merchandise etc.

It is understood ‘When You See Yourself’ will be the first of three tokenised releases by Kings of Leon, and will able to provide further exclusive deals including ‘front row seats for life’ and rare audio-visual artwork.


#2 - With the government planning to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ban companies and individuals from dealing in cryptocurrencies, FM Nirmala Sitharaman said the government is not closing its mind towards "experimenting in the cryptocurrency world" and that a "very calibrated approach" will be taken.


Todays Top Gainer and Loser for Today

Top 10 Gainer (last 24 hour)

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Top 10 Loser (last 24 hour)

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