Top Secret to Making Money with Any Cryptocurrency!

What is the number one secret I've discovered for making money in the world of cryptocurrencies?

This secret allows me to earn money in all markets, up and down, or boring and flat. It is high reward and low risk. That means, huge potential upside, very little downside.

It provides stable income without those huge fluctuations that come with the market. It is simple to get started.

What is that secret?

It sounds so easy.

I'll show you more.

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#1 Secret to Making Money with Any Cryptocurrency!

The secret is to serve users.

Now, this might seem really obvious. You won't believe how easy it is to miss this and get distracted. What I hope is that this will show you the very best ways that you uniquely can go make money with cryptocurrencies and get these same rewards.

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Here's how I follow the secret that I just showed you

I'll give you great detail right now as to how I'm applying this and how I've actually made most of my money in cryptocurrencies doing this secret rather than trading.

Now, first, you might ask, "Okay Jerry, God, that's so easy. It's so simple. It's so straightforward. How could anyone miss this? How did I miss this?"

I knew this upfront before I even started buying Bitcoin. I knew that the best way to make money was not to have to fool around the markets, but just to help other people using cryptocurrencies.

I have a friend Robert who is the founder of Wall of Coins, and I met him when he was making Wall of Coins. I could see right there that he was helping people buy and sell Bitcoin with cash.

He was taking no risk in the market itself and he made money no matter what. Yet, I got distracted.

Now, that's what happens, why most people that I've seen interacting with cryptocurrencies aren't going for the real money because it looks really easy to trade. I know this firsthand. I spent years, instead of offering true value and following the secret that I just shared with you, doing almost all of my time and energy into trading.

I started out in 2014 when the market was down here.

I started trying to trade even though I saw my friend Robert making a website that allowed him to apply this secret. I thought it just looked so easy to make money trading. I thought any idiot could trade and make price predictions, and I was probably smarter than the average person.

Therefore, I could simply bet on the price and I could buy Bitcoin, at the time it was $600, and sell it for $700, and say, "Look, I just made a hundred dollars. Look how easy that was."

As I started buying, and the price kept going down and down, and what actually happened is I lost thousands of dollars, and I spent hundreds of hours trading Bitcoin, and I had nothing to show for it.

By nothing to show for it, I mean I had no ongoing value. I had no blog post, I had no videos, I had no tutorials, I had nothing to show for hundreds of hours trading, checking the price, reading articles, guessing and speculating, because I got distracted.

It looked so easy to buy something and make a little bit of money because when you look back at the charts, you could say, "Oh, it was $3.60 before, so I'll just buy it because it might go back up, and then I can make some money."

It looks so easy to do that. The trick is, your mind has a clear vision on the past, but you don't know what's going to happen next.

A lot of us like to then guess, "Well, I think Steem will go to $10. I've made a bunch of predictions that it'll go to $10."

I've got ads running all over that say it's going to go to $10, but I don't know that. I'm guessing. The difference between a guess and the actual outcome is huge.

What happens is that a lot of us, if you're like me, it's so tempting to trade that we get distracted into trading, and we get so far into trading, that we completely forget about all the other things. That's what I did.

I've highlighted how people miss this secret so easily first, so you can understand then why there's a huge opportunity to actually apply it. The focus, the attention, is on trading, speculating, guessing and predicting.

I'm off that, because I've been wrong so much.

With Dash, I sold at $87 after I bought it at $11, and now it's $196.

What I've learned is that I'm wrong a lot, which means I don't want to trade. I realize that being wrong hurts more than being right does, so I don't want to fool around.

I will show you now the ways in which I'm applying the secret.

Now that you understand how easy it is to miss this, why it is so many of us are tempted into things like trading and speculating, which don't produce any genuine value, I hope showing you what I do will inspire you to take a look for what you can do.

You might be able to do something similar to the things I'm doing or you might find your own unique opportunities, whether that's mining, or being a community member with unique features somewhere else, or developing software. Whatever it is, I hope you find your unique opportunity today, because that's where the real opportunities are.

Here's mine.

This is the unique opportunity for me that I'm working on that applies all these principles.

“Which principles, Jerry?”

The principles I shared up here: earn money in all markets no matter what, high reward, low risk, stable income and simple to start.

What I'm doing, I'm on Steemit now.

Steemit is a social media website powered by the cryptocurrency Steem, and then you get paid to post on it. Now, if you don't invest anything and you just make a post, and it's just not something that a lot of people enjoy or see, then it can be hard to make some money on your posts.

On my posts, I'm grateful I have made $14,546 from the day I joined, which was May 20, or something like that, to June 20.

On the first month, this is what I've earned on Steemit: $14,546.

I've taken no risk, except you could say that I risked some of my time. That's the total I've actually got out of these posts. There are thousands more that are going to be coming in soon.

You see, I didn't have to take any risk.

I simply posted.

I made all these posts here, and I got paid.

There's no risk in that, except the time, you could say.

If you're going to trade or speculate, you have to put the time in anyway. All I did is make these posts. Now, I also have something to show for it. Even if let's say, I earned $0. Now, almost all of my friends have earned at least a few dollars, if not hundreds of dollars doing their first post on Steemit.

Let's say that I earned nothing. Let's just do that for example. I still have a ton of outstanding work to show for what I did. The thing that stinks with trading, speculating, and all that, is you put all this time, energy, and money in and you've got nothing left to show for it. When you're all done, it doesn't look like you did anything. Now, even if I'd made nothing on all these posts on Steemit, I still have, from a marketing standpoint, a very valuable case study of the work I've done.

If I wanted to get a job freelance writing, I would have all the work I've done on Steemit. Look at all these posts I've made. It would be therefore easy to get a job. I would have something to show for all the time I spent here. When you consider that aspect of it, I took no risk and I've had a high reward potential, which I've been able to realize. Now, I've also combined that with investing.

Some of these strategies, if you combine the investment approach with serving the users, then you have the very best chance to earn the very most. I've invested about $30,000 or so in my Steemit account.

I now have an account that's worth $80,000, as you can see down here in the lower right, and I've got 37,000 Steem Power, which I'm very grateful for. The work I've done has potentially assisted the pricing going up. When you put all of these together, then it makes an absolutely outstanding opportunity.

Now, I'm just showing what I've done. You will be able to find other opportunities. Steemit might work for you, but you might be able to find other things.

You might, for example, do mining. When you invest in your mining rig, you may be able to combine investing in something like a mining rig instead of the currency itself to then make more money, or you could buy some of the currency and invest in a mining rig, and mine that, and become a community member.

These approaches then allow a combination of investing that then is not conditioned on the market. It doesn't matter if the price for Steem goes down 90%, and then goes back up 90%, or whatever, because I'm buying and holding. I'm not looking to sell any of these and this investment empowers my participation in the Steemit community. Therefore, it doesn't matter what the day to day price fluctuations do.

I don't have all that stress. I've got a steady income. I keep making posts on Steemit and I earn there. However, this is just one example that’s worked really well for me.

Another example: the University of Jerry Banfield

This is the University of Jerry Banfield.

If you would like to join me here, I have 30 plus online courses, I will soon have a hundred plus, and I’m continuing to make new courses every month.

Would you join me at the University of Jerry Banfield where I teach classes online?

I have a class showing exactly how I set my entire school up, as well as the class on why I think Steem is the best investment right now.

What you'll notice and I'm very grateful for again, in the first month and a half or so of my school, if you have signed up as a student, we've collectively produced this number, $14,121 from sign ups. That includes one time purchases, monthly subscriptions and my lifetime courses bundle.

What's the number one class I've taught on my University?

The bestselling class has been a class on the number one cryptocurrency investment where I pitched Steem over in this area before when it was in the dollar to 75 cents range.

Everyone who bought the class got to find out early that I was investing everything in Steem. If you took the class and bought right away, you'd be up about double right now in your investment.

It's a beautiful system, because I take no risk. I sit there and make a class. If I'm wrong, so what?

Now, I love being right. I try to be right. I do my best to serve the students.

If you immediately took action, let's say you bought the class for $180, and then bought $1,000 of Steem, and then sold it when it doubled. You'd have made over $800 or so just in a few minutes of what you learned in the class. If you put in more, you’d have made much more. If you stay involved in it, you might make even more.

This again is a perfect example of applying the secret. I make a class, teaching on cryptocurrencies, and I take no risk. There's a very high reward potential. I have steady income from the subscribers and continuing course purchases. I'm being of service to the community. It doesn't matter whether the price of Steem goes up or not, because I have guaranteed income from my courses now. A beautiful system, which I'm grateful for your participation in.

Another example: my YouTube channel

Here's my YouTube channel.

What I do, I just make videos about whatever I'm doing. I teach whatever I'm learning, and same thing, I get ad revenue, although last month, the ad revenue plummeted. There was some crisis and it dropped by more than 50%. Now, I'm grateful for the first time ever or in a long time, my ad revenue is over $2,000 a month on YouTube. I put videos up, doing the best I can to help you.

Ultimately, if I'm just trying to scheme and make money off of you, you'll go away the first time that I don't produce the results you want.

If the first time you buy a course, I'm wrong about it, like you put in a $1,000, come out with $500, and you paid $180 to take the course. You're probably not going to be too happy, and then I won’t see you again. Then all that effort will be wasted.

I try my best to be of greatest service to you.

In my videos, I try to share what I think will be helpful for you while asking your forgiveness whenever I'm wrong. This system, I just post videos on YouTube, and then I get guaranteed money from YouTube every month in ad revenue. If I made a video about my cryptocurrency price predictions, it doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong, because the video earns ad revenue no matter what.

All of this stuff then works together.

The courses work together.

Steemit, it all builds together and I'm being of service to all cryptocurrencies especially to Steem now.

It all works together.

You see, I take no risk.

It doesn't matter whether the markets go up and down. If I'm wrong, it in fact might make a more viral video. YouTube loves videos that are polarizing, where some people love it and some people hate it.

YouTube loves videos, because that gets emotional, encourages participation, and keeps people coming back to YouTube.

On YouTube, I try to do my best, but just because I'm making the effort, sometimes I'll be wrong.

No matter what happens, I am still grateful for the ad revenue that comes in every month.

Last example: Coinbase

Coinbase is what I use for my Bitcoin wallet. It is where I've turned my US dollars into Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin, and then I put them on the market. That's where I've made all my cryptocurrency investments.

You see, same thing with Coinbase. I make referrals to Coinbase with my resources page on my website. If you’d like to sign up and use the same wallet I do, would you please sign up for Coinbase, because you and I each get $10?

As you can see, 292 people have already done this before you, earning me 2.1 Bitcoin, which currently is over $5,000 today.

This is another example, I'm helping Coinbase build customers and I'm helping you find a secure wallet to use, and then I'm making money off of that. You get to make money as well if you put $100 in Coinbase, they'll give you $10, then you'll have $110. You can go buy Steem with, and start making posts like me if you want to.

You see, the whole point of this is to apply the secret that I just showed you. All these things are simple to get started with. Teaching a course is simple to start. I learn things, and then I teach them. Simple to get started. It provides stable income. My YouTube channel continues to provide stable income. The more quality videos I do, the better the income it is.

It's very high reward. There's huge upside. Some of these things I've done had made a lot of money. Others of them like the Coinbase referral system, $5,000 over several years of making Coinbase referrals. It's not exactly huge money, but there's no risk. I share an affiliate link, you can see other people doing this with Genesis mining, those affiliate codes are out there everywhere.

Same thing, there's high reward and almost no risk. You earn money in all markets. All the things I've just showed you, it doesn't matter if the price goes up or down, because I'm serving and therefore earning in every situation. That's why the number one secret is to just serve users.

You see, serving users of all these currencies, has all the guaranteed benefits with almost none of the risk. What I've learned after taking lots of risk, losing thousands of dollars, and having things go well like investing thousands of dollars and making close to $100,000 with my Dash investment before, and then missing out on another $100,000.

What I've learned is that I don't want to be accountable for being right. It's not good to put myself in a position where I have to be right. I want to be in a position of a guaranteed win. I want to have income and be useful. These two are very interrelated. I don't want to just make money, I want to be useful no matter what. Even if I'm wrong, I still want to be helpful in any situation.

Just like finally, three years after meeting my friend Robert and seeing him applying on his website, which I have a half percent ownership and interest based on doing his Google AdWords ads for him in exchange for that percentage of ownership.

Finally, three years after seeing Robert do this himself, I'm now doing the same thing. I'm serving cryptocurrency users and that means that no matter what happens, I continue to have a chance to serve and earn.

This takes the stress out of it for me.

Am I tempted to trade?


I looked at the price of Litecoin as Ethereum was blowing up and the Bitcoin price plummeted, and I guessed the other day that Litecoin would probably be a good buy.

If I took the $3,000 I have in my Coinbase account, threw it in Litecoin, I might be able to make 50%, which $1,500 just by putting it in my Litecoin wallet.

Did I do that?


I just left it in my US dollar wallet because I didn't want to be wrong either.

What if the price goes down 50% and I lose $1,500 in a few days?

I didn't want to be wrong about it and I've learned that no matter who you are, you will be wrong in trading and speculating, that often being wrong hurts more than it feels good to be right hundreds of times.

I hope this video has been useful for you. If you’ve found this video useful, would you please leave a like on it?

That will help other people just like you find it and that helps me to know this is a good use of my time.

I created this new video after looking at the videos I've made previously on YouTube, seeing which ones you most likely enjoyed watching the most, and then thinking, “Today, what can I do to continue serving you, to continue being of assistance to you today?” That's why I made this video.

If you think this was useless and you are like, “God, I'm already doing this,” maybe it's still as helpful in the sense that if you already know this, it's a good reminder to avoid that temptation of trading.

I made this for myself too, because I'm really tempted to trade.

I could easily fool around with a few thousand here and there, and maybe make some money, but I also could lose some money. I don't want to take a big risk, and then put a bunch of time into it.

Today, when I make a video course, when I post on Steemit, when I upload a YouTube video, I've got guaranteed results to show for it, even if the thing itself doesn't make money, it all snowballs.

If you hated this video and it just sucks, would you please leave a dislike on it? That way you can help other people avoid having the same experience you did.

If you'd like to see more like this, would you please subscribe, join hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube who seem to find something worth watching in these videos I make.

I'm so excited to be here with you today to share this.

I love you, you're awesome.

I hope you have a wonderful day today.

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Jerry Banfield


It is of course more wise to do long term investment and spend the time supporting that investment and getting it to grow instead of wasting most of your time on trading which can be gambling for most of the public

Have a great day too Jerry

correct! if you support your investment, you have a higher influence on it's outcome!

Thanks for your comment Hasan. I've been doing a lot of research, as I'm fairly new to crypto-currencies. I really like what @jerrybanfield has to say and he convinced me of the potential of STEEM and the Steemit social media platform. So glad I found his videos on Youtube!

I have thought about trying to trade, but now I'm fairly certain that I'll be focusing on investing my time and money into Steemit, as I can see how good writing has a good chance of being rewarded here on Steemit.

inspirational @jerrybanfield .. i just love your articles when they are this Big!! I agree to your Blog that only True way to Earn Money on Consistent Basis is by Helping Others i.e. by Creating Something Useful for the Masses. For eg. Steemit, the other one is Jerry Banfield - who finds something interesting for his followers somehow :P

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Trading is a gambling and losing if you don't know what are you doing. Markets are easily manipulared, FOMOs are all over the place and too much uneductaded money flows around thr cryotocurrencies. What we need is more stable market, less useless pump/dump coins and more reason in trading and ICOs. People need to have universal vocabulary on the blockchain and trading in cryptocurrencies. This volatility is ruining the point.

Yeah, even Gold was the same in 70's. It was volatile and people used to make 100% profits too. The way Gold has stabilized; similarly BTC will stabilize going ahead.
True, ICO is ruining everything. Anyone can make a coin easily on Ethereum platform within no time. Investor should be careful enough as whales exploit such opportunity of pumps and dumps. When new investor join the market they think it's easy to make money but loses confidence after a while. I have seen this happening with my friend too.
As Andreas Antonopoulos suggests that don't trade but invest is the right thing to do until you realize trading is not your cup of tea. Good luck to all...

Exactly. But how will other crypros behave in the case of Bitcoin stabillization the question remains. We might see actually useful blockchain when this happens because serious people are frigtened by the current volatility, and once stabiliziation kicks in we will see growth of useful blockhain platforms like Steemit which is first in the row on this adventure.

You are right and not only this. You pay taxes once your trading. Though it depends on the country it common praxis, once you trade one coin for another it means you realise profits or lossses. if you trade too much, you are considered a trader , which makes it even worse taxwise.

I made a post about the exact same topic and why i invested 7000$ in steemit.There are a couple questions you should ask yourself before investing.

I just commented on your post yesterday and now i see your comment on this post. It's a small steemit world. Good luck to you in your progress with steemit.

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Also, I agree with you that more people should be focused on investing instead of trading.

If you are looking for another great long term investment, please check out the new review I just posted about GameCredits.

Hey Jerry Great post. I think what you're saying is excellent. The real value is how to produce income stream. Also like you said putting all that time and having nothing to show for it they could really drive a person crazy. As a trader I also now learning trading is very time-consuming, and there are no guarantees. Creating an income stream from steemit is like you said high reward low risk. You are risking your time but what I have found is you can participate in categories that you are passionate about. So I have found that while I am on steam at the time flies by. Thanks for your great post have a great day signed minnow

Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.

Staying humble is always important i believe. And how to get humble? be thankful :)

Hi Jerry, this is so true. As I recall it was Samuel Brannan who in the gold rush in California sold people panning equipment & supplies and became very very rich with that (also because he let people pay high prices). He served it's users on a large scale and was one of the few who did and made a of money along the way.

And Levi Strauss started as a gold miner. He created blue jeans as work clothes that would hold up under the digging and panning in water that was required to find gold. He sold them to gold miners and became rich.

didnt know that, love my levis

Top secret?

Buy and dont tell, keep holding until you hit the price you want it to hit

People bought bitcoin when it was 0.15 cents and then sold all that they had when it hit $3 because they thought it wouldnt go any higher

People sold nearly all their ethereum when the price went from $8 to $25 thinking it couldnt possibly go any higher than it already had

these coins are in their beginning stages, just buy on the dips and keep holding.

Sell Ethereum when it hits $1000 a coin and sell ripple when its above $3

True advice , since the blockchain is in the early stage. But also to be mentioned, be careful what you choose. From 10000 cryptos out ther 9990 will fail.

If i lived in the USA i'd use your code Jerry, but I am from the RSA. I only get $1 for referring people in South Africa. Sucks right? Anyway. thank you for your knowledge once again! For now I'm focusing on Steemit as well as educating the public with: and on my youtube channel too :)

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@jeerybanfield well said these thing "I didn't want to be wrong about it and I've learned that no matter who you are, you will be wrong in trading and speculating, that often being wrong hurts more than it feels good to be right hundreds of times.

I hope this video has been useful for you. If you’ve found this video useful, would you please leave a like on it?

That will help other people just like you find it and that helps me to know this is a good use of my time.

I created this new video after looking at the videos I've made previously on YouTube, seeing which ones you most likely enjoyed watching the most, and then thinking, “Today, what can I do to continue serving you, to continue being of assistance to you today?” That's why I made this video.

If you think this was useless and you are like, “God, I'm already doing this,” maybe it's still as helpful in the sense that if you already know this, it's a good reminder to avoid that temptation of trading".

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Great content. Lov your posts

@jerrybanfield you always on track, great mentor often.

I found your YouTube channel while doing my crypto trading thing. Then you put me onto Steemit. Your story is very motivating. You have a gift for holding viewers attentions for long videos/articles. If I can be successful to some extent on Steemit, I will owe it all to you. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Love the post. After fighting it for 10 years my buy and hold account is up 900% from 2008. My day trading account went to $0. I also bought ETH at 6.36 on DEC. 16th at 4:30am and lets just say I sold way to early at $30. Again I was trying to time the market. We can all learn from traders like you that the best way to trade depends on the person and what kinda of ups and downs they can handle.

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Hilarious 😂 !!

Hi Jerry,
Thanks for the tips as always. I used to view your youtube channel before as when we used to type Bitcoin in search, there were only few guys including you who used to popup.
Totally agree with you. I am tempted for Trading but have almost stopped it as there is no point looking for short-term gains when it could surely guarantee good profits for long-term if invested in correct currencies after doing hell lots of research.
Also creating some kind of application which could contribute to the society is another opportunity as there is still lot of space until core competition hits the market.
Thanks again for the tips. Cheers!!!

neah. i didn't liked ur video. and i am not jocking, it was a tutorial made just for the purpose of making a tutorial

This is a good post, I really like it. Hopefully the next post is better than this. Thank you already share. And thank you too, If you get time, to see my post today and upvote and like it I'm very grateful.

Awesome content! Thanks for sharing Jerry :)

you are wondeful jerry.

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Hey, good luck on your journey in our fine community! I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @nakedchef89.

very good content and i will keep with my no risk for max gain approach too

Hi @ jerrybanfield !
nice post , its really great work.
i've upvoted you.

Jerry, Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I am new and find myself spending hours on your posts and videos trying to learn the basics. You are gifted. Thank you.

secret to making money, write post about telling people how they can make all this money and get them to believe it . really getting sick of these make money post jerry. I do like ur other content.

Thanks Jerry, love your posts :)

Awesome post! thanks for it, resteemed :)

"your mind has a clear vision on the past" this is so true and i sometimes get lost in the past when trying to see the future.

Just subscribing and catching up on all your Steemit videos!

@jeerybanfield thanks! man for sharing such a useful knowledge with us :) keep sharing

thanks for sharing, you re the best!

U take no risk but u really keep urself busy which is something good and you deserve to gain even much more than that.

Respect and chapeau @jerrybanfield 👌🎩

Thanks jerry!

Wow! That was a great read and it's amazing that you made over 14 grand on your first month on steemit. I don't trade because like you, I think I'm smarter than I really am ;)

This is a great summary of how to be an active and positive aplyer in the crypto game. I enjoyed how to took the stress of off short terms gains and discourage the Flipping of currencies )or the pump and dump tactics) because lets be frank that's the type of poor investment strategy that doesn't have much long term viability.

I think Zig Zigglar said the way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.

My advice is: buy and do not sell, do not buy with money that you can not lose. Enjoy the cents in a few years and sell only as much as you need now

I get what you mean about trading not generating direct value and as an artist I feel the same, been learning some trading these days and it's quite interesting to use it as a tool to learn about yourself, understand how you react to your emotions and so on, but don't think it has a purpose on do it besides money.
in the end: money will stay, what can we deliver in terms of value for humanity? how can we make a better society?

Now I think that finding good projects and investing on them is way more interesting than just trading.

thanks for the article.

if everyone applied this techniques, evryone would be rich but some people are just to lazy i guess.