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4thPillar is a platform concept that gives everyone free choice and full control rights over their crypto savings, through intermediary fees. Simultaneously, this platform will solve the problem of workers' digital identity and distribution of personal documentation (ie employment contracts, paychecks, attachments, CVs, medical reports, performance reports, employment history reports and so on). The 4thPillar platform will enable organizations to transfer digital values directly, cutting intermediate fees. This will give employees an absolutely automated and validated evaluation, and this is the world's first system, perfect for all recruiters, separately.

Goal 4th Pillar is to provide a new generation platform that caters to people,
organizations and recruiters, build 4th Pillar services, ensure security and decentralization that include:

Individual control and acceptable digital asset management.

Blockchain private ledger identity database with automatic non-discriminatory evaluation of professional identity.

Work-related documents through peer-to-peer distribution.

Influenza Token Flow

4thPillar Excellence
For the first time in world history, organizations have the possibility to enroll their employees on a partial blockchain-based database, where data loss is no longer a concern.

Due to the decentralized blockchain technology and cryptography, the 4thPillar ecosystem
resistant to attack, he is designed to withstand the effects of inflation.

The fourth Pillar concept offers individuals full control over their personal information
and receive FOUR tokens.

The validated 4thPillar automated evaluation system is designed to be non-discriminatory.

The 4thPillar Ecosystem enables significant cost savings for organizations, as they can instantly send pure net payments and document-related documentation worldwide for micro-direct costs to employee's personal wallets.

4thPillar Technical Scheme

The core of this project lies in the database of individuals with a very secure digital blockchain ID, which is a long-term solution that is equivalent to the current passport. This allows individuals to keep their history of work safely for long periods of time, to provide it in the future when switching jobs.
External users of the 4thPillar platform will also have the possibility to browse the 4thPillar ecosystem and anonymously locate individuals based on their location, work expertise, year
experience and current employment status. The system will provide automatic verification and non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation. based on measurable data that can be imported, making recruitment easier and more transparent. Because the validated automated evaluation system is not based on discriminatory characteristics such as; sex, age, race, religion, sick leave, parental or other information or parental rights, will enable employers and recruiters to act to respect the terms and conditions of employment on a non-discriminatory basis, such as education, additional courses, additional professional knowledge, length of service, employment
commitment and performance. Individuals will have the possibility to choose and arrange it.


Symbol Token


Max Number Token FOUR Published
400,000 (100%)

Token Distribution FOUR
152,000,000 (38%)


Soft Cap
2,000,000 €

Hard Cap
12,000,000 €

Initial Value
0.10 €

Standard Token

4thPillar Platform Benefits

Benefits for individuals:
• Fast, secure, cross-border gift and transboundary payment systems.
• Full control of their FOUR funds, wallets, and professional identity.
• Decentralization of possible long-term savings.
• The possibility of trading.
• Save storage and controls for work related documents such as pay slips, education, and training certificates.
• Possibility to be recruited or hunted by other HR agents or employers in the future due to non-discriminatory work performance.

Benefits for the organization:
• A fast, secure, and equitable 4thPillar pillar and saving system for employees.
• Significant cost reductions when it comes to transboundary fund transfers.
• Automatically verified non-discriminatory evaluation system with the possibility to examine employee performance over the years, which is a key tool for Management
(based on annual bonus).
• Recruitment of employees.

Benefits for recruiters:
• Access (pre-approved by signature by individual) to a large mathematical database
computed individual evaluations, which is an excellent tool for headhunters to find a suitable workforce.
• The database allows employee search based on their geolocation.

For more information please visit the page below:

Website: https://www.the4thpillar.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The4thPillarLtd/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Hv2QVBEi2yIsGK62l9szpw

Twitter: https://twitter.com/the4thpillarltd

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/4th-pillar

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMkIrVUJoILdEpA4An0Sog

Bountyhive: https://bountyhive.io/browse/4th%20Pillar

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