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Homelend is building a blocker-based, peer-to-peer mortgage lending platform
Mortgage Loan Industry.
Mortgage Loan Being in Core Society.
Owning a home is one of the basic human needs. Most people can only pay by taking out a mortgage loan from a bank. In the US alone, more than 8 million mortgage loans are granted every year.
An Archaic $ 31 Trillion Industry Yearning for Disruption
The US mortgage market is worth $ 14 trillion, and the global market is expected to reach $ 31 trillion by the end of 2018. However, regardless of how socially and economically the market, traditional mortgage lending systems remain very primitive.
Where this system relies on a long and complex paper-based process involving various intermediaries - a process loaded with inefficiency and overhead for borrowers and lenders. In addition, most mortgage loans are not affordable for a new generation of young borrowers, including millions of creditworthy people from getting a home loan because of the outdated assessment criteria.

Crowdfunding Homelend Mortgage Platform will develop a Decentralized Mortgage Loan Platform, Peer-To-Peer Serving Two Purposes
Modernize old age mortgage lending system to be efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric.
Expand homeownership opportunities for a new generation of borrowers, meet their different lifestyles and needs.

How does it work?
By using distributed ledger (DLT) and smart contract technologies, Homelend brings together individual borrowers and lenders on an end-to-end platform that simplifies and automates the entire process of mortgage origination.

Advantages offered by Homelend:
From manual & length to Efficient & Efficient
By instilling predetermined business logic into smart contracts, digitizing documentation, and eliminating unnecessary processes, Homelend will automatically start origination from start to finish, cutting it from 50 days to less than 20.

From Ambigu & Clunky to Homelend Transparent & User-Friendly Users aim to create a loan process that is not only smart but also simple and fair. This will allow borrowers to be able to easily apply for loans, track their application status anytime and interact directly with mortgage lenders.
From Intermediation Costs to Cost-Effective & Free-Middleman, the firmness, security, and transparency provided by DLT make it possible to record transactions, including loans, without banks acting as intermediaries. This will reduce the costs to borrowers and lenders while minimizing the distance between them.

From Unreliable & Unsafe Processes Centralization and paper-based processes are the key factors behind the insecurities and vulnerabilities that characterize the traditional mortgage industry. The unique characteristics of DLT and smart contracting allow Homelend to provide a platform for people to transact large sums of money in a trustworthy, transparent, and secure way.

Homelend Token (HMD)
The HMD token is the fuel that drives Homer's peer-to-peer lending platform. Its main functionality is to provide access to the Homelend platform. These utility tokens also play an instrumental role in enabling workflows that are fast, smooth, easy to use, and easy to use.

The total number of HDM tokens to be published in Token Generation (TGE) Events is 250 million.
50 million HMD tokens (20%) of this total supply will be kept in reserve funds and 200 million HMD tokens (80%) will be outstanding.

Symbol: HDM

Total shipping: 250,000,000 HDM

Standard Value: nominal ERC-20

1 ETH = 1,600 HMD

Currency received: BTC, ETH, USD

Softcap: US $ 5,000,000.

Hardcap: US $ 30,000,000

Pre-Sales: March 1, 2018.

Public sale is expected to take place in August 2018.

Information of Homelend:

Website: https://homelend.io/

Whitepaper: https://homelend.io/files/Whitepaper.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3407541

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HMDHomelend/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/homelendhmd

Telegram : https://t.me/HomelendPlatform/



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