PEUR- is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration.

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PEUR is not just a platform that acts as a market but also cryptocurrency that can be paid for various transactions on a digital platform. Peur Market provides a wide range of products at lower cost with guaranteed quality. Peur seems to benefit all market players, ie customers, merchants, service providers, etc.

platform Peur advantages:
PEUR simplifies the normal trading world of the crowd by offering easy retailing and explanation of various functions.
Payment and purchase data are recorded using cryptography and in a pattern that is accessible to consumers to ensure the implementation of a purchase re-check.
Deal options are closely guarded with a variety of identification checks from business makers on websites that ensure consumer fairness.
The platform offers all varieties to consumers for the best retail and payroll for businesspeople.
Using BLOCKCHAIN Ethereum, which is the latest revolution in the world of data storage and increasingly encourages you to try it.

The purpose of this Platform is to create a decentralized market that enables users to transact more easily and simply.
As we know that the global e-commerce industry has improved over time, but in line with this development, there are still unresolved issues that are handled by today's popular services. such as lengthy and exhausting authorization processes, low reputation systems, and more.
The Peur platform was created to address this problem, which will facilitate users with secure payment systems and quick authorization processes, and directly Integrated into the payment system owned by Peur, where blockchain will immediately record and store any transactions made on the Platform including; transaction time, warranty conditions, delivery time, recipient's and sender's address, and any other information necessary to maintain confidence.
All transaction information will be kept confidential, and only available to authorized users. Both clients and merchants can rate and review each other based on that information.

Token And ICO
ICO Peur will use the PURC token to conduct transactions during the token sale. One PURC will be equivalent to 0.000125 ETH. Token sales will be open to receive payments in the form of BTC, DASH, LTC, and ETH. The minimum investment required is 1 ETH.

Token: PURC

Price: 1 PURC = 0.000125 ETH

Bonus: Available

Platform: ETH

Accepting: ETH, LTC, BTC, DASH

Minimum investment: 1 ETH

Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD

Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD

Country: Australia

Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist

Token Distributions

You can contribute to a PEUR campaign at BOUNTYHIVE: or visit WEBSITE: Peur to learn about WHITEPAPER:

For update information join in:




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