ODIN Browser Ecological Blockchain

Coming from the Future, ODIN Redefines the Browser.

ODIN Token is the original asset on the ODIN chain, and its value origin is that it can conveniently represent and measure the digitalized economic activity on the ODIN chain.

Pubic Blockchain
The ODIN ecological public blockchain integrates the blockchain technology and the advertising publishing smart contract. Community developers rely on the open interface to participate in the development of the browser and advertisers put on advertisements independently. Browser users can contribute the reading behaviors of advertisements to get incentives so as to achieve the decentralized advertising and the value-oriented advertising browsing, which lets the benign value delivery be formed between the ecological participants and promotes multiple parties’ participation, cooperation, mutual benefits and win-win.

Transaction Process
UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs) refers to the unspent transaction output of ODIN blockchain nodes.
The transactions constitute a group of chain structures, and all legitimate ODIN blockchain node transactions can be traced back to the previous output of one or more transactions, the source of which is the mining reward, and the end is the current unspent transaction output.

Allocation Plan
The total amount of ODIN tokens is 15 billion and 55% of it is generated through mining.

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