Can a 50 USD investment , make you 50,000 USD ? it is possible!(share with you )

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Hi to all Steemit user and cryptocurrency lover

i see this article when surfing in my Instagram and then I said to myself Wow ... wait wait , what ? a 50 USD investment
make 50,000 ? am i see correctly ?


so i go to this page and see more photo and read some information , the first thing i found is its about a cryptocurrency ,
but one thing made me think.

When i see the photos in this page one thing is mostly used in the photos , the text with this massage : Did you miss bitcoin rush ? ....


probably you said oh my god its just another crypto which advertised for it , its never happen , Come on Bitcoin is down right now or other things , all the people when see this said and even i said but i remember the all of story i read about people have a bitcoin in the past and they sell them in very low price or even lost the bitcoin wallet , so said to my self , ok your right but if 1% yes even 1% this rush happen about this crypto , do I forgive myself ? if all peoples in the stories consider this 1% and keep bitcoin , whats happen to their life ? if our now consider 1% and in future our 50 USD investment make 50,000 for us , whats happen for our life ? i just want to tell you about the 1% chance in our life , i don't tell anyone : hey go to invest 50$ fast or i don't promote a referral or affiliate link , So i Just Say you can consider this 1% now for the future of this crypto ! lets say 99% this isn't happen in future so whats now ? my self rather to risk a 50$ than regret in my life which i don't invest a 50$ .

i hope you get my point , i believe everything is possible

The Crypto i talked about :


Well, I have a lot of them charming and glittering like that one you just mentioned, the one you are writing about.
Oh fuck Bitcoin hourly it did shit with me and most of my guys.
I don't want to fall a fool again.
Just ask your self what do they gain by giving you $50,ooo and taking $5o from you. think is a pattern of cheat that makes you believe on something that is not real.
Well thanks for letting us steemain know about the shit you are talking about but try to prove to us is real I will like to invest also.
I have no point but just scared to lose.

Yes , sure
i am same as you i don't know its real and happen or not !