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RE: This is absolutely a buying opportunity, and here's why:

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The Bitshares decentralized exchange welcomes all and recognizes no government, has no borders and is not subject to the whims of any policymaker.

The DEX cannot be shut down and your money cannot be frozen or stolen.


If you have most of your cryptocurrency portfolio in ethereum tokens you can also use the decentralised exchanges, or for trading freely.

Also built with the same code than bitshares and another one is waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Ive been using this exchange for a while no need to register also using the app for coin market nice to follow your altcoin portfolio on IOS

Shapeshift is not really an exchange, since there is no order book and you cannot store anything in there. But indeed, it is a very convenient way to swap from a coin to another coin. You don't need to register, but they take a little fee ;)

+1 for not having put your ref code here (I guess you have one..)

you can refer someone to bitshares? What are the benefits?

By looking a bit further, I found this :

Upvoted and Followed. The REAL reason Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan called Bitcoin a "Fraud" (NOT what you've heard elsewhere about wanting to drop the price) a 30-second read:



Bitshares is looking better and better all the time! I keep buying more and fully support the recent initiatives re: rebuilding projects with the help of Hero support.

Also, apparently Btcc is shutting down Sept 30th!!! That means more of the market is going to be looking for a safe exchange... HELLO Bitshares!

re-steeming this for great content! as well as the info re: Bitshares -- People gotta' know what's going on!

Their international business is still operating after Sept 30th

...the plot thickens!

That's what we need.

Glorious decentralization so that things like Chinese government interventions cannot happen.
So glad that Bitshares exists.

I am also part of the SiaCoin data storage network now.
Going to set up a data storage center just to be a part of a decentralized network.

Also looking into other options so that I can contribute towards keeping networks decentralized and open to everyone and without regulation.

Yup, once user-base and liquidity improves, decentralised exchanges like BitShares will be the go to places for traders and investors. No government can put this genie back in the box.

wasnt all bitcoin supposed to be like what ur saying ? how come ur able to keep it afloat ? recognizes no government, has no borders and is not subject to the whims of any policymaker.
how do u do it ? i want to know

This bitshares thing looks good, gonna check it out!