"GAMECHANGER" LitePay for Litecoin launching February 26! Revolutionary for Cryptocurrency to be Mainstream!

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LitePay Launching on Feb 26! - Game Changer

Today, LitePay announced they are releasing the long waited technology payment system for Litecoin on February 26th.  Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder and former director of engineering at Coinbase, confirmed transaction processor LitePay will be released on February 26.  News sources and investors are calling this launch the "Game Changer" of cryptocurrency and businesses who want to accept it but didn't have an option beforehand.

This would allow any vendors or businesses that accept VISA to take your LitePay card which uses Litecoin as the payment method. Many have said this will revolutionize cryptocurrency by making it mainstream

So far this has caused Litecoin to spike up in price since the news release on top of its already small uptrend.

Current LTC Price as of this article: $185.35 USD (Guess we'll see how far LTC can go!)

If this technology is successful, it could even surpass Bitcoin as many stores main form of cryptocurrency payments. This would mean more competition in the crypto world and potential higher market cap and prices for Litecoin. I think this is not only good for Litecoin users, but it is good for everyone, the businesses, the tech believers, the crypto investors and even everyday people like me who use fiat currency.

You Can Sign Up and get more information here: LitePay





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