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Litecoin Cash Wallet Released

The Litecoin Cash Core Wallet has just been released on their official website today, it can be downloaded there. This hard fork of Litecoin happened yesterday and is currently being traded on YoBit.

The current price as of right now is $7.13 up over 500% from its starting price of $1.2!

Possible Scam?

Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee has stated on his Twitter that the entire Litecoin Team and him are not affiliated with this project at all and is warning all users that it is a fraud and scam. So far it appears it isn't a scam but only time will tell if this is legit and the next Bitcoin Cash.

Claiming your Litecoin Cash

There are instructions on the Litecoin Cash official website on how to safely claim it if you held Litecoin in your own wallet yesterday when the fork happened.

You get 10 Litecoin Cash for every Litecoin you held. 10:1 ratio

Please practice and search up on "safe responsible forking" to avoid getting private keys stolen.

Here are some useful websites and articles on Litecoin Cash:


Being a Litecoin holder (with it in a cold storage wallet), I am rapt about Litecoin Cash!

Yes, me too, lets hope this is legit and not just some scam or stunt, if it is I wouldn't lose anything personally.

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Why would lite coin cash be worth much at all? What’s it do different? Is it gonna have a wild ride up then crash down? Is this pump and dump or even more clever, super marketing at its best?

I agree with you, I have all those questions as well being a Litecoin Hodler. Literally all I have is in Litecoin so I hope this is just something that attracts more to the Litecoin brand

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