Anonymous Bitcoin Sign Guy has earned roughly $16k for his stunt!

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Piggy backing off of yesterday's post where it was shared that an anonymous individual held up a sign to buy Bitcoin during Janet Yellen's testimony to Congress...

It can be seen here:

It was revealed that shortly after, a photo was shared by Sign Guy's friend where Sign Guy is seen holding up the yellow notepad with the now famous words as well as what appears to be his Bitcoin address. 

This turned out to be a rather shrewd move by the young lad as it has already generated close to $16k in Bitcoin donations at current prices:

So far there has been a total of over 600 transactions, with the largest donation appearing to be about the size of 1 Bitcoin.

There is a lesson to be learned here in all of this...

If you are going to do crazy outlandish things, make sure you get your crypto wallet address out there so people can reward you for it. ;)

I'd also like to give a special shout out to @shadmannnn for his funny photo shop of the ordeal on my post yesterday:

If only that had been what the original sign read...

Stay informed my friends!


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did he get in trouble?

No! he got his BTC

He got thrown out. That's about it... and made 16k 😂

I sent him $10 because when I tell this history to my grandchildren i will be a part of it....

I love how you think.

He would of made 20k if the sign said steem haha

Yes, that or put his QR code instead. ;)

Defiantly 🙌🏼😂

I loved this story!

Followed & Upvoted & Resteemed!!!

Come check out some precious metals @thedamus


Thats great. It almost made listening to Yellen bearable.

If the bernank and Janet had a kid:


lol! this is so funny!

Good on him for having the balls to pull that stunt.

That was funny!


I should carry around a "Buy Bitcoin" sign with a QR code of my address. If I see any news reporters around, I'll dive in front with my sign. ;)

The dude had a killer initiative honestly. But to some extent the steem and sbd go hand to hand with btc as all the rest of the cryptos. Hopefully the platform pulls and trends harder the upcoming years so it can be a bit more self dependand and less fluxing due to other cryptos ttaking a beating.
Best of luck to all the steemians out there.

Give it time. :)

I agree. Bitcoin seems to decide the markets as of now but I believe that is only because of the lack of understanding the general public has. I am a brand new steemit user and I am shocked by how developed the idea is. Would not be surprised if we saw steem start to move towards independence.

I agree it can be a little frustrating to feel like everything is so dependent on btc

lol "Buy Steem". i would have to agree though

I can only imagine that a sign saying buy steem instead would have brought a decent amount of exposure to the platform.

@jrcornel, I people will need o get private wallets as 1st August approaches. I wrote a detailed report on SegWit and everything that could happen on 1st August >

The Bitcoin world is generous, and it 's nice to see people gifting the young lad some quality Bitcoin. And I think it is necessary that someone from our steem community should go ahead and try this method. It is not about money, it is about making crypto coins popular.

I wonder what the future holds, but one thing is sure, the future belongs to cryptocurrencies.

Wow... That's encouraging. What a great move by the young man

Funny ! And profitable as well ! Maybe this dude should work for the fed !

How could I not think of myself? it's a very good idea!!! Now I will follow you and I will vote !!

¿Cómo no se me ocurrió a mí? es una muy buena idea!!! Ahora te seguiré y votaré!!

I'm still working on trying to get the money together to start buying steem. I'm so confused and yes a little scared about cryptocurrency but willing to learn if I had the right teacher.

Wow this is awesome! Things like this always brighten my day.

Wow, $16k already! This guy is getting paid very good for the promotion :)

It was pure genius! Good for him. I shared my article all over today.

Great story and I love what you did to the photo. Resteemed!!

Creative actions lead to the result! Thanks for your post!

Lol i saw that on @thedollarvigillante

He would have made a lot more if he had just put his QR code instead :-D Bitcoin people are lazy!

Haha my thoughts exactly!

I saw this. I think it was a good move and he deserves the money... At least people are talking.

One of the coolest stories ever and honestly one of the best things that has happened to bitcoin in the last few months. This will go mainstream sooner then later so get ready for the ride ladies and gents!

Man that's a huge sum of bitcoins

Buy Steem is awesome! That is a hell of a photoshop job!

I feel like there was a guy who did this on College Gameday a few years back. I am not sure how many Bitcoins he received from his, but it was a hell of a lot less for a Bitcoin then!

I would bet we see a lot more of this type of stuff in the very near future...

Hi friend. You are good at telling stories. Thank you and good luck!

A genuine young man who is part of this crypto revolution. Well deserved!

hey upvoted and followed ! check my blog about cryptos :) follow for follow ?

Interesting ,
last photo make me laugh ))

Not Anonymous, He has name and they have been posting it all over the internet. Is he in our Steemit community?

I must go make too :)))

I'll just put a comment here , if anyone wants to upvote it , cuz i'm awesome .

This dude is so cool. I've heard that he got fires so I'm glad he gathered some money :)

buy bitcoin. hilarious! this is the epic history of bitcoin baby,

hahaha love it

Lol! Thats good stuff. I'll have to remember that the next time I go streaking across the ball field! Upvoted and followed!

Hilarious way to bring more attention to crypto.

Awesome to see that. He deserves it. Balls-of-Steel

I love this haha! I can't wait until crypto becomes main stream! I think we are all sitting on a small fortune with our Steem!

I like how you cited your images at the bottom. May grab that :p dude might make more to come

Thanks - I was wondering what the result was. Crafty little dude. And that's $16,000 when Bitcoin is low...


This guy is pretty much a genius haha, free money

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