Want to earn some free Crypto? Eat a sandwich!

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Well, it's not exactly free... In fact, it's not free at all.

However, all you have to do is perform two quick steps and you can pocket a nice shiny new crypto coin!

Who wouldn't like that?

Without further ado, here are the all important steps:

Step 1:

Move to Russia.

Step 2:

Purchase a Whopper Sandwich from Burger King.

That's it!

Heck, even better if you already live in Russia, you can cut out Step 1. ;)

What am I talking about?

According to news released yesterday, Burger King in Russia is going to start crediting their Whopper customers 1 WhopperCoin for each Whopper they purchase.

Say what?

You can now get free cryptocurrency coins just from eating lunch?

Not only do Whoppers fill your belly now, but perhaps they could fill your bank account later on!

How would WhopperCoin work?

The transactions will be powered by the Waves distribution network. Basically, the platform allows for users to issue and transfer custom blockchain tokens. They can then be traded on a peer to peer exchange.

Specifically, the tokens would be issued to all customers that purchase a Whopper Sandwich.

Eventually the tokens themselves will be able to purchase Whoppers, once a customer has accumulated enough of them. 

As mentioned above, the coins can also be transferred and traded. Making for a nice secondary market for the coins.

Ivan Shestov (head of communications at Buger King Russia) had this to say regarding the possibilities:

"According to the forecasts, cryptocurrency will increase exponentially in value. Eating Whoppers now is a strategy for financial prosperity tomorrow."

If that doesn't get a chuckle out of you, perhaps you should read it again.

Also, make sure you tell your doctor that the next time he tells you that you need to cut back on the fast-food. ;)

Stay hungry my friends. 



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Great post

I hope this will work out for them and they roll it out globally!

Im all for companies taking crypto mainstream. Very interesting. To bad it's in Russia. Also in the US they want to tax ICOs so Burger King probably wont launch an ICO in the US.

http://www.FlippyCoin.com is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

When will it be? and yes it will be so easy money for them, they have no idea

Performing Step 1!

Mother Russia, Here I come!!!

That is great!

Thank you ;). Your news made me happy.
Давай as they say over there !

Now that we can mine while we eat, Pepsi or Coca Cola should get their own coins because I am drinking so much that I could mine better then a computer.

Thank you for the news @jrcornel.

Haha you would be a Pepsi crypto whale in no time?!

Never thought about that name, Pepsi whale I even like how it sounds. If they ever let us change our steemit name or add a nickname that's mine. Pepsi Whale :))

That is a good one. I would vote the intro post for that name for sure. :)

ColaCoin? Sounds good to me ;-)


Imagine if they gave these tokens for vodka. Russians would be millionaires by year's end!

VodkaCoin.... it has a nice sound to it!

I have completed step 2 several times over. I still have yet to complete step 1 though....

So if I move to Russia and buy a double whopper, do I get double the coin?OOooh

Checking date... nope, it's not April Fools Day.

Conclusion: This is awesome and I want some!

Gimme 10 whoopers with extra cheese and mushroom sauce, 5 Mc Flurry's with extra whipped cream and 5 chocolate shakes!

I hope that is to feed your basketball team? :)

An "unhealthy" development for crypto! But a great gimmick for BK!

Now that is funny. Step 3 sounds like it is convincing my doctor eating whoppers every day is a good idea.

Perhaps... although I am sure your accountant would be on board with it ;)

Great idea. I think its working.

Let's hope BK has started a trend in the industry. Bring it to the U.S. too!

Hahah awesome this is another reason to show that cryptos are here to stay ...I will eat burgers if I visit Russia haha however health should be considered and this is indeed a marketing strategy.
In addition to my comment, feel free to join the conversation in my new post about future of steem...it will motivate you more about steem . More success to you.

Think of all the McDonald's I've eaten for nothing!

"Want to earn some free Crypto? Eat a sandwich!"

"Well, it's not exactly free... In fact, it's not free at all."


Very nice very nice.
It's good to see Burger King involving people in Crypto, I guess the fear of people realizing you've been feeding them poisonous crap is a good catalyst to change the whole purpose of your business. That might sound like a bold claim but truthfully there will be a point where it does not matter what the product is but what matters most to them is that people use their coin. In other words the Burger King Crypto market will be more important to them than worrying about their sales going down due to a waking of consciousness that is telling us to eat healthier and vote with our money while also ensuring care is given to our environment. If it were up to me I might buy a whopper, then THROW IT AWAY xD just to keep the cryptocoin. Because that is what its worth really. Sadly I am boycotting Burger King and would rather spend my money on a cryptocoin that supports local organic farmers or any movement of good people with intentions to solve the worlds problems rather than perpetuate this system of industrialized food and industrialized human slave labour which also supports Israel's apartheid. Synthetic junk food lacking any nutrients with crazy chemical make up hard to digest by natural human body, being a cause of tons of diseases etc. etc. The best cooks of this world are concerned with feeding people who are hungry, while not limiting their knowledge to simply feeding people they also look into details such as nutrient density, temperatures to preserve nutrients in food and whether a food is safe to eat. For Burger King to deserve my respect -along with ANY food company- they should be the leading force in food politics. They should inform their consumers What are GMO in an honest way and state what they do to our environment as well as our health. They more than anyone should be advocating to reverse the corrupt system where GM food owes no accountability of labeling their food while food that is grown as nature intended has to go through strict processes and procedures and pay expensive fees to get their products labelled. If they would inform everyone about how to maintain optimum health with diets and food, they could lead a powerful force in advocating for food justice. The best ideology for a model of a global food chain would be one that seeks to improve the local economy. For eg. I set up a Burger King in Somalia, then I start contacting local farmers who produce their foods naturally and organically, to make sure these farmers stay in business and can pay their house and feed their families. Burger King does nothing of this kind, and quite on the contrary, recently they did a thing with prosthetic limbs but the promise they made was limited to very few people and lines of thousands of people waiting to receive this promised deed. The truth is that this is marketting, you buy a pack of food, take it to a homeless person, take a picture and say "I help homeless people" then you leave that homeless never to be seen or heard of again. Now you have people who respect you and believe you help homeless people. This is the strategy of their marketting, only in a grand scale. There are many solutions to solve this worlds problems and many ways to do more effective things with many times more of an exponential impact. There are ways to produce one thing that can spread out, solving many problems. This has been an endlessly long observation from my part, if you managed to read it all good for you, hopefully it helps to see beyond the superficial actions we are informed of and remember that these are just mediocre attempts compared to what even YOU can do by yourself. If you're curious read "The One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka.

Here are some examples:
A Blind Man and His Armless Friend Plant a Forest in China

Man single-handedly plants forest in N China desert

If these people managed to plant forests by themselves or just one helping hand, imagine what a corporation with millions of employees worldwide could do. I hope this inspires someone who has thought of opening a food business, even the smallest ideas as long as they are practiced can grow and spread greatly. Plant a food forest for example, employee some locals. Africa has many people who don't even have access to water, if a food forest was grown there, the trees would promote rainfall, the rain would be filtered and collected by the trees which then seeps to the bottom of the earth and can then be collected by wells. Another solution to the water problem is water from air with Warka Towers which should not be expensive to replicate and make. Having a deserted area turned to a rich environment with increased rainfall means you can have people employed to attend the food forest, and provide your food business with food while at the same time keeping the people fed and making water available. If these people are fed and paid fairly then you have a booming local economy, you have people who will then consume your food that was produced thanks to their help. Now people don't need drugs because they are well fed and happy to be alive rather than depressed, and who might also resort to violence and stealing out of desperation of being subjected to poverty and misery on a daily basis. This is indeed an idea that promotes peace and harmony between consumer and business. There is nothing more beautiful than having the respect of an entire community for where else would anyone want to live in be it not a community of people who respect you?

you should turn this comment into a post ....

Eat a sandwich and earn some cryptocurrency. That's great idea. I appreciate.

Hello @jrcornel from buying a pizza with bitcoins when nobody knew about them to getting a crypto life comes a full burger.. Er.. I mean circle. Surely with wider adoption of crypto it would be used by the masses.
Following and up voted.

Me encantaría que regalaran los tokens para comprar cripto verduras!

I`m in Russia now, but there are no Burger King in small towns.
Tommorow getting up earlier and driving to the nearest megapolis... Earnings... Earnings... :p

Lo único que me hizo dar es hambre jajaja.

I really like your post, I will wait for the next post

i am gonna hve to buy a few just to have some, never moving to Russia but maybe BK world wide will use these


There are better ways to free crypto than ruining your health. Deep onion is having a 40 week airdrop for those of you that have a bitcoin talk account. It's fully anonymous and designed to run thru the tor network. The Dev team and marketing strategy are on another level with a full team of friendly moderators ready to answer any questions at a moments notice. With it's unique distribution It's a great long term hold with zero financial risk. If you don't have a bitcoin talk account you can put that miner to work or pick some up at novaexchange and stake them for interest. To apply you just need your Bitcoin talk ID number and a Deep onion wallet.


HaHaHa that sounds perfect but i can't see many other countries doing it.

i like burger. Nice Post..upvote for you..

That would be nice! Thanks for this info @jrcornel. Besides, Burger King is one of my favorite burgers :)

I know what I am having for lunch!

After it there's gotta be another step 3 : try to escape Russia with no real money and only whoppercoins on your wallet xD and yeah, try to avoid gopnics.... looks like some game :D

I love to eat burgers, what else I sell burgers on the pavement, very useful information thank you

If we give the drink instead of the food the Russians would be rich

the problem is Burger King employees in Russia know nothing about and just suggest to keep receipts and maybe in the future you could scan and send it them, then they realized how to handle this "new feature"

Looks awesome! Too bad the regulatory swamp here in the USA would probably make this promotion illegal here.

Land of the free..

wil it be tasty.i to with uyou in resturent

Move to Russia! LOL
Love this! I wish I could get some !!

Nice one. I love the angle at which you projected this from

This currency is probably inflationary and also extremely limited in its value, since it is only a token gesture for coupons for purchases at BK, so its issuer, BK, is guaranteed to devalue it as much as needed.
Also, BK sell mainly harmful food.
It has to be a worse investment than cash.

Awesome post very informative thank you @jrcornel

Then you can use all your coins to pay for all your hospital bills after eating all those horrible foods, or maybe die early from a heart attack.

I think there are way better ways to get coins than this.

hahaha sounds very fun!

wunder why burger king in russia is all over bitcoins junk

Ok. Moving to Russia and buying some Whoppers.

I wish they would start that here in the states, maybe after everyone else does we will follow suit.

And then convert these WhopperCoin to Bitcoin through bitcoin ATM Machine. Ha ha ha

A clickbait that was worth clicking. WhopperCoin lol nice one.

gracias por compartir este contenido con nosotros te di un voto espero que te guste

i hope that available for all countries , @sarahbiz

Blockchain is taking over the world. Things will never be the same again

A lot of great ideas I can read in the comments, but the ones I like the most is the one about giving tokens for vodka to Russians and how they would be billionaires if this will happened - lol 😄😄 Great article, upvoted! ✌️✌️

It is good to,be the king! What can you say about going to Russia for a Burger King burger? Very funny! 🐓🐓

Original coin mining. We eat and produce them? Or is it already a product ... um, processing food in our stomachs, that is what comes out after eating? :)

Muito legal :)

I wish more restaurants would try this approach. I think it would increase revenue while also promoting new cryptos. Lets give it a try in every country, especially America!

Everyone HODL those WhopperCoins! WHOP(?) to the moon!

Seriously? This is hilarious and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

the reason is that russian people are realy thiny so the need to let theyre bellys grow whats the best was offering something for free..:D
the world goes crazier every day
but good to know if i go to russia i know what i will eat
thanks for sharing

Yo ,
Thanks for the great content

Wish it was in america and there was a jack in the box coins. lol

Worldwide would be great

Nice scheme! Really hope it satisfies our hungers as well as our pockets. GO BURGER KING!! :)

this is truly crazy but clever crypto is the way to go

A multinational corporation giving out its own cryptocurrency for customers seems fishy

I'd buy a whopper and probably eat it too for a crypto token. Guess 1 GMO burger wouldn't kill me. lol

This is a fabulous idea but I don't see Burger King or any fast food joint rolling this out in America or even anywhere in Europe. Could be wrong, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Thanks for sharing

I wonder how quickly it will spread in Eastern Europe? Any guesses? ;-)

This will be the norm in the not to distant future. Exciting times!

I wish my local curry house would do this fantastic, cheers mike

lol, I READ this story too.... and I must say.. speechless!

I believe we will see a trend of business issuing their own currency - Microsoft attempted this at one point several years ago before Bitcoin existed - they may go back and revisit the idea

Think about it - if a burger join can find value in it - imagine what thousands of tech companies can do with it - especially Amazon and other companies that have millions of transactions a day ...

anyone down for a flight and some whoppers?

Fast food very first crypto currency, only find in Mother Russia. You cant mined it or setup witness to earn one coin. Because, earning this coin can only obtain while eating you lunch, breakfast, and dinner. How great was that, earning while eating.

Awesome post! What a bad time to live in the u.s.a. ! While other countrys are making it easier for the lower class to get crypto the usa is trying to stop the lower class from getting crypto. Im not even going to get in to other reasons that alone is enough

I want the same thing for beer :D There is nothing better than drinking beer to earn crypto !

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