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RE: Why "I like blockchains, but not cryptocurrency" is ignorant.

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I wonder why many of the coins that generated name accounts as opposed to hash didnt grow as popular. Bitshares, Steem, EOS, etc. Or even the protocols like OpenAlias wasnt as popular. If many people complain about usability, the usability protocols should have been front and center to the new generation of wallets and such.


That's an interesting question. I don't think it's about "named accounts" as much as fundamental differences of opinion related to which consensus mechanism is better (PoW vs. DPoS). DPoS systems all created by the same person (and, in some cases, by a specific company like Steemit, Inc or Block One) might be considered more centralized than systems where pull requests are accepted by anyone and more work is done on the core protocol by the community instead of a central group.

That said, I agree, usability should be front and center. It's the key to mass adoption. It's why I'm joining the Dapix team to build out the FIO protocol.

The simple biggest issue right now for usability by regular people is the hash naming and the volatility of the coins. I know the usual rationalization answers of both things, but that doesn't really make it go away.
My own source of issues has to do with the lack of business applications, I think the wallet has been a waste of time since most people buy stuff from companies, not other person. Think about it... Groceries, Gas, School fees, Transportation (bus, train, planes). So until those businesses adopt crypto, the need would be very marginal.

Yes, I spent many years building FoxyCart trying to get our stores to integrate with BitPay/Coinbase and accept cryptocurrency. There was simply no demand. Things won't change until users start demanding of the merchants they frequent: let me pay in cryptocurrency!