Spent all week accumulating SingularityNET (AGI) tokens!

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So two months ago I wrote about SingularityNET's Token Generation Event. I didn't manage to get into the TGE / ICO event, unfortunately. But on the day of token release on the markets with an almost instant 10x valuation, I went on a FUD campaign on Tidex Exchange's trollbox just to get weak hands to sell. It proved to be a tiring process so I bought some around $1.00-$1.80 for the FOMO, and just laddered down my buys from $1.00 and below.


It has since dropped to ~$0.63 and now on its way to ~$0.90, triggering some pending buys. With a total supply of 1 billion coins, SingularityNET is currently enjoying a network value of ~$1 billion dollars, which I think could only go higher in time. Just quite bullish on what looks like a good project.

Why SingularityNET?

Being someone who has been involved in artificial intelligence (computer vision) back in the late 2000s, SingularityNET is certainly looking like a project that's ticking all the check-boxes. Let's first dive into the abstract of the whitepaper:-

The value and power of Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically every year, and will soon dominate the internet – and the economy as a whole. However, AI tools today are fragmented by a closed development environment; most are developed by one company to perform one task, and there is no way to plug two tools together. SingularityNET aims to become the key protocol for networking AI and machine learning tools to form a coordinated Artificial General Intelligence.

SingularityNET is an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated AI services. Within this framework, the benefits of AI become a global commons infrastructure for the benefit of all; anyone can access AI tech or become a stakeholder in its development. Anyone can add an AI/machine learning service to SingularityNET for use by the network, and receive network payment
tokens in exchange.

SingularityNET is backed by the SingularityNET Foundation, which operates on a belief that the benefits of AI should not be dominated by any small set of powerful institutions, but shared by all. A key goal of SingularityNET is to ensure the technology is benevolent according to human standards, and the network is designed to incentivize and reward beneficial players.

I'm not going into the technicalities, but I would like to lay out, in point-form, some of the reasons why I've been accumulating SingularityNET's AGI tokens:-

  • Back when I got into Ethereum, I had the rough idea that anyone would be able to deploy economic agents in form of autonomous smart contracts, paying for their own bills and working to bring value to their owners. Well, SingularityNET's decentralized, open market and inter-network for AIs seems to fit that vision perfectly.

  • The free market for AGIs could accelerate the speed of progress much faster than the history of mankind, unrestrained by physical limitations. Just like human beings, AGI agents could interact and learn from each other in their own economy.

  • SingularityNET spans both technical and influential communities, including Sophia, the humanoid built by Hanson Robotics. Personally, I think the manifestation of AGI in the form of a humanoid like Sophia could make her an important figure in the world stage as time goes on.

  • Access into complex AI services in the future. The value of AGI might follow suit as Artificial General Intelligence matures over the years, becoming better problem-solving agents.

  • AI designers / programmers are incentivised to share their agents on the network.

  • You might've seen Weiss Ratings giving a maximum of B rating for the likes of Steem, EOS, Ethereum, NEO, and Cardano, in which three of them are at the top of my portfolio. Good validation.. but where are the A ratings? It doesn't really matter, but they might have missed the likes of SingularityNET and Idni Agoras. After studying these projects over the past month, I frankly think they're fundamental game-changers just like Steem.

  • Skynet.

One thing's for sure, I'll continue buying on the way down if the market decides the tokens are too expensive at the moment. Definitely risky because the project is a huge undertaking, but I'm expecting it to fly like all exponential technologies do once it starts working.


Website: https://singularitynet.io/
Whitepaper: https://public.singularitynet.io/whitepaper.pdf

Not to be taken as financial advice.


AI is definitely something to invest in for the future. I’ll check this one out. I also recently purchased some DBC on KuCoin. Their chart is similar. Huge run up followed by massive correction. Good time to accumulate now and have some patience. Good luck!

First off, pretty much game for any organization willing to let even the humblest of us become stakeholders even if only in small increment. It's mind blowing that we are so close to being "there". I appreciated this because with the generalized worry of "they will take over and harvest our brains", not many focus on the good that could come from this. It's hard to mention but I live in a tiny 1 bedroom far away from my entire family in a new city. The friends I try to make think I'm weird. A robot can stop by any time :(

Hi Kevin. Thanks for this article. Amongst other things I create disruptive publicity to raise awareness about the insanity of the system. I only got into crypto a few years ago and my tech knowledge is sketchy to say the least. So image to rely on others to some extent. So I look for projects that I can get behind from an ethical and ideological point of view as well as good investments. I worry about seeing Sophia as a Saudi Arabian citizen given the questionable ethics of the Saudis. Do you think singularitynet is going to make the world a better place? Will it help the evolution of man? Are the team trustworthy? Is this project going to lend itself to the good or bad use of AI?

It's an open, permissionless platform and anyone gets to contribute and steer the outcome. I think humanoids becoming legal persons (as how smart contracts can be defined as legal tender in Switzerland, I think) is a step forward.

Very interesting and ambitious project with a lot of potential to be sure. But with a $1B market cap, that would already move this into the top 30 range basically right out of the gate.

Is that realistic do you think? Or can you explain why coinmarketcap cannot yet calculate the market cap? Are perhaps not all of the coins available yet? Is 1B the maximum amount that will come into circulation?

Yes 1B total. The project is pretty well networked so I guess it's expected to be in top 100 right away compared to the other coins out there. As for CMC, I think CMC's operator might be atm accumulating AGIs as well hence not displaying the circulating supply and marketcap yet, perhaps lol

Haha well that could explain that perhaps. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the circulating supply looks like then. In the meantime, maybe it's worth a small investment in case it comes through on its goals and goes big.

No prejudice but my first thought of the speaker (Ben Goertzel) in this video was:

Man this guy is high as fuck hahaha

Good post, singularity net sounds interesting.
Honestly I never heard of it before.
Have to take some time for deeper research.

Thanks for this overview!

He's the man with the plan :D

He fathered Sophia with Hanson like for real lol

Ben is probably perma-high. Having spent years in Brazil, we cannot even dream what he ingested. However, the platform is not really his solo project, at least for their pictures and signatures he assembled a larger team than his usual one. Still, I am shocked the platform "came to be", I mean that they went down the ICO road to collect millions. I be debunking!

I was super disappointed to have missed the ICO on this, as was late getting my KYC done and they never processed it in time.

thankfully, was able to pick some up around $0.35 this last week, so still didn't completely miss the boat.

this project has some serious prospect. have a feeling it's gonna get pretty big in the years ahead... :-)

Nice! I picked since 1.50 all the way down. Sucks, but just can't miss it lol

another worth checking out if you haven't heard of it already is Bottos, which seems like a very similar concept - though based out of China, and one of the co-founders is the former CMO of Neo, which hints at some reasonable prospect...

Would prefer people who've been dealing with their problems for decades!
(at least when it comes to AI)

I got in the ICO mate, infact wanted to get in the presale,had a nice personal chat with Ben and couple in the team but unfortunately didnt had 25k in ETH at that time but ICO was super awesome and HODLING for life #a095f

Ah too bad. Still not sure why I didn't get through into the TGE. Now paying a premium..

You could have easily made it through in the presale mate, i guess you knew about it much earlier. I was like really itching to sell my alts to get in for the presale, but yea ...past

I don't mind if this gets dumped to 10 cents when eth/btc decides to make their major moves..

Yea, we could very well see that. Its so scary hodling alts, coz when btc starts its bull everything else will bleed. It has happened many times and its about time i guess.

It is possible that I saw you trolling on Tidex. Saw multiple comments like "sell your AGI, dump ahead" or someting in that lines.

Is Tidex Okay as an exchange, I was tracking the progress of one of the ICO's I was involved, but didn't open an account there. What's your opinon on Tidex?

Oh it's worse than that lol. Don't expect anyone to fall for trollbox comments anyway.. Quite a nice exchange actually. No KYC, withdrew almost instantly :)

Damn, I should have made a registration ! Well, next time I guess. I will definitely look into this project. Thanks for the info.

Would you say this and Agoras are the two most out of this reality moonshot projects?

Yeap.. I haven't moved much into Agoras though since there's no whitepaper yet. Just got some for the fomo first :)

Yes. AGI looks far more promising in actually achieving what it's going for. One of my biggest concern has always been that AI will end up empowering only the rich on the top so I'm glad to see such a movement for making this technology available for everyone. Less stress for me! :) Thank you again, wouldn't had stumbled on this otherwise.

E: Seems like agi/eth is going for a cup and handle in the charts. Get haejin on this, lol.

One way not to miss out is through Airdrops via Earn.com.
For that you need an account on Earn.com.

Brake that down to triangles and Fibonacci and make a series for it.
Or you know just read something like this and plan your vacations out.

First was satoshi at '15 at Davos, now is Sophia. yeah its gonna rise.

Connecting Ai services on the Blockchain.. Sounds like they are going to build a big brain.

  1. BTC World financial transaction platform
  2. ETH World Computer
  3. AGI World digital brain??

Very interesting. thanks for sharing.

p.s. I read Hanson robotics already used the blockchain technology for sophias brain.

This is genius. So basically the tokens create a decentralized network which basically creates an open source AGI project that incentivises the development of AI by rewarding developers. It really doesn't get much more interesting than that. This is shooting for the moon more than any other project when you consider the ramifications Generalized Artificial Intelligence. I'm def going to add this to my portfolio. Philosophical question: Do you believe that Artificial General Intelligence will attain consciousness?

if singularity is ever achieved there won't be any need for token distribution. it will defy the purpose

LOL. Always close by.

As always, I love your way of thinking, but isn´t it also the case, that project like this are way to complicated to comprehend for most people? The problem is, that these projects are essentially years ahead, and if people can´t comprehend its potential it wont get enough short term traction to survive. Let´s face it: Especially the crypto markets are run by people who are not able to see the bigger picture and believe in every BS hype they get served.
I don´t like this scenario either, but isn´t this a fact?

Leave the market to understand itself later ;)

AI is certainly going to change everything. Getting in on this might be the best thing you could do. In the crypto world we understand that the white collar jobs are actually in more danger than general labor jobs from AI but out there in the wider world people think it is the other way around.

I think that along with blockchain AI is going to rearrange most power structures in the world. In a few years trillions of dollars will be shifted around daily based on the AI economy. Those not actually involved in production will suddenly find themselves searching for a job if they don't buy the right tokens today. People who used to be janitors and started blogging on Steem will receive their payments for securing the network because they buy and HODL now.

We are living in interesting times.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

woohoo, US investors must be accredited (rich), and hold their tokens for 1 year after purchase (SingularityNET will monitor your balance for compliance). So much for their 'wide distribution' goal!

Oh well, that's US and it's still purchasable on the open market so it's alright ;)

Perfectly explained why I should take a look at SingularityNET. I know there is so many ideas for a great investment, it’s just that someone had to open the door so we could clearly see. I’m fan and in favor to invest in AI, there is no doubt it’s the future. Thank you so much for your post!

Oh yeah, this project definitely has a future and it needs to be invested in it right now, because SingularityNET combines artificial intelligence and blocking to create a decentralized market for AI solutions. According to the creators of the project, the new site will allow companies, organizations and developers to buy and sell AI algorithms on a large scale, thereby reducing costs and increasing opportunities. As you can see, this is a new opportunity for all of us! Thank you @kevinwong

Well, the Weiss rating was carried out on coins that have been around for a pretty while, i think so though, you can correct me if i'm wrong. I just checked the singularityNET site and it seems they just rounded up their token sale. So if its as good as you have portrayed it then i believe it will get a good rating soon.

This project sounds very interesting because the value and power of Artificial Intelligence is growing dramatically every year, and will soon dominate the internet — as well as the economy as a whole. Idini Agoras which is application over tau is also very promising project. Thanks for useful article.

My friends were recently talking about Singularity. And I'm a huge fan of AI! And it's basically one of the main reasons for me to invest in it!))
I believe it will grow huge in the future because we need more decentralised platforms. They will constantly improve with time.

I was wondering why you did not make a post for almost a week. You were busy hording another crypto :p

This one sounds very interesting. Will have to check it out. AI seems so complicated to non-techy people like myself. Thanks for letting us know about it though.

I have the same thoughts about it. Decentralised networks with an open market and smart contracts will be booming. Just need to hold them long enough.

Very interesting concept. Wish that I had been paying more attention to what has been going on with the development of Sophia at SingularityNET. Thank you for peaking my interest.Definately worth some research. 🐓🐓

I was thinking to buy but still postponed, maybe now is time to buy?

postponed? maybe the TGE was postponed, but it's now out on Kucoin and Tidex exchange.

@kevinwong, First time I heard AGI tokens. Well explained about SingularityNET. After verification your given records I guess project would be massive. But can hope risk. I saw interested thing from you. It's you invest tokens of your portfolio will be best. Remind XRB token. Today XRB seems positive movement. Also Sure....AGI tokens will be success in future. Currently price is down. Best thing to buy some AGI tokens and hodl this time. Thanks for the valuable post.

Fomo & FUD sure are pretty hard affections to fight against ;)
Hope you get a good return from your investments!

Thank you for the insight , missed out on your last post. It seems like artificial intelligence is the next big thing.

Wish I knew about this earlier so I could get in! Sucks for the weak hands that sold, great for you haha :D

RealSophiaRobot as a co-founder of singularitynet. AI is good for the world. AI will never replace people, but it can be friends and helpers.

SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel strings successes together with exchange listings after recent ICO worth US$36 million.
Thank you so much for your post!

very Beautifull post sir @kevinwong thanks for shareing

Crypto is number & Number Nevar end ✌✌

        RESTEEM DONE!!

This looks super awesome and somewhat over my head i'm still trying to learn @kevinwong i appreciate you thumbs upvoting my video post and look forward to learning more from your blogs. Thank you

Very informative post, got to do my research on singularity net. At this point I want to thank you @kevinwong for this kind of informations. I am new to cryptocurrency (still trying to differentiate between my left and right) but because people like you must especially you I get to know more. Thanks.

yaah agree The free market for AGIs could accelerate the speed of progress much faster than the history of mankind, unrestrained by physical limitations!
and its SingularityNET is currently enjoying a network value of ~$1 billion dollars, that graet!

Thanks for the info. For links to resources. You are right at the expense of artificial intelligence. The future is after him. Upvote and resteem

Hai sahabat steem
Upvote aku ya

I have to go read more on singularityNET . thanks fir this...

I highly thank you for sharing this project!

Such a wonderful and interesting concept sir...
Smart explaination...step by step...
I think that is good project in crypto world...
Actualy I'm new comer to in crypto world...I'm.learn something with every posts about crypto....
Thank you so much @kevinwong sir...sharinf this post...


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Very good post and very useful. I always wait for every your post.

Writing tired can be really boring. But it still looks pretty good. We all know how artificial intelligence is evolving. This shows us that it can be a very good investment. Of course we should analyze ourselves before investing? AGI's specialties are really dazzling. And there is an example behind Sophia. This proved how aggressive the AGI is.
Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful things and for informing us. @kevinwong

This post is one of the top notch technology post I have seen. AI Will virtually change the world in no small way .

Nice review on singularitynet. It was nicely and briely written, worth as a coffee reading digest.

I'm also posting cryptocurrencies reviews, so if you're intersted in posts of valuable content on crypto you can check out my blog.

nice post💜💜

Nice post,well done!👏

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all of a sudden it hit the charts up time to grab in the dips

thank you for sharing information about AGI and singularity.net ... I was amazed knowing about Sophia more than the singularity project itself :)

thanks for sharing!!👍

keep it up ..nice post

sounds good Decentralised networks with an open market will be huuuge. i will get some

looks promising!

wonderful post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing @kevinwong

post a good very useful.

useful post...thanks for sharing

good post
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thank you friends, your writing is very useful friend. happy to always read your friend's work.

That was an amazing expository..... Thanks to you. Really learnt a lot from it.

Another token to add to my list :)
Also skynet sound like something we would find in a very dystopian future.
Let's hope AI won't wipe our lazy, inefficient asses off the face of the Earth :P

Another detailed review this time for SingluarityNET Coin. Your posts are well-researched and give full insight on the topic. Last time, I read your post it was about RaiBlocks. I also quoted an excerpt from that article in one of my posts. By the way, what's your take on *pump and dump groups * who are creating artificial highs and lows and this making noobs invest in shit coins specially during this time when there is attack on BTC on almost all sides? What's your strategy to deal with such a situation? Most people will suggest to HODL but if some coins are constantly going up and down that means there is a trading opportunity in such a case. Please put some light on it. Excellent post @kevinwong.

Steem On!

I am very supportive with this. let alone the information you provide

@kevinwong Right Time To Buy , but Unfortunately, it does not exist on the platforms i Use .. Total Supply is Good Thank you for sharing with us .. waiting for others coins

"...coordinated Artificial General Intelligence." as quoted from your article is the future. Your topic was well explained even for me that I am quite new to all these. I hope all your hard work pays out soon and I am sure it will!

Artificial intelligence for real. Cryptocurrency the future coins

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Hello, I am a little fish trying to learn from the great whales, and I appreciate the topics you have explained about the Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power because it is hard to understand the first. What is generated in Steem dollars I am investing in Steem Power, I still have things to learn, and issues that confuse me but cryptocurrences offer new perspectives. I'm not fast but I'm constant.
Thank you! I will continue reviewing your publications, tips and explanations. I love being in the Steemit community !!!

yor are vary nice

So how do i get into singularitynet?

I hope the artificial intelligence to help us positively in the future..have a nice Sunday..
I'm really impressed with your article..

Good post, singularity net sounds interesting.
Honestly I never heard of it before.
Have to take some time for deeper research.

Thanks for this overview!

cryptos are future....

You FUDdded the shit outta it but still bought on FOMO? :))) Kev you're hilarious. But I admire you for revealing your tactics and being honest about it. Most people would just buy on FOMO, only experienced crypto ninjas would be able to pull off a fud campaign:) This is crypto world bitches, weak hands are shaken into the smart man's bag. I am sorry I missed this token, might still buy a few if the general FUD continues...what great times :) Hodling ADA, EOS and some good ol' ant shares too :) Thanks for great tip and post Kevin!

@kevinwong this makes me in a deep sense of question about with emerging approach in AI.... are we gonna be under the domination of this gadgets if i consider it thAT superior

I really dont understand what anything you wrote here means but you liked one of my videos and really made my day.
I never made a cent from the content I've published online until I came to Steemit.
You really encouraged me to give this platform a shot and I want to thank you for that. 😊
Here is mine 0.01 $ back to you.hehe

It's just a simple upgrade for social networks :) glad you're having fun!

This is one of my early comments here. My knowledge has improved. Dont you know what happens after 10 days on Steemit? Im a crypto whiz now, a coin connossuier, if you will. 😊 haha.

@kevinwong Good advice. I was pissed off to wake up and see that my portfolio was down over 10% because dumb [email protected] allowed themselves to get ripped off.

I wonder if it was North Korean hackers who stole the money. We'll see if Kim Jong Un gains another 50 lbs. in the coming weeks if he has more resources to buy food.

Recently im looking at the Tao too, interesting to know you put the SingularityNet on par with it.

this project very interesting. good to investasi. thank you for sharing

nice technology post

Done a little research on the agoras token, it's got great potential.

hi kevin thanks for the article

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📈 7d

nice information.

Hi guys, can you check my blog article about futuristic smartphones and tell me if there is a need for improvement?

Thanks for the info, going to have to do even more research on this one. Seems really interesting.

Good info.
Thank you for sharing. You have pointed out the salient features of this token.
It helps me to read and understand.

Very nice! Thank you for your posting indeed!

You wrote the article I wanted to write. So I guess I will have to add some Singularity info. Soon...

this is my first time reading something about this..thanks to you now i have an idea about it..thanks alot :)

very good video.
thank @ already giving directions.
I am new in steemit and I do not understand about cripto.
i will learn from you.
Thank you very much mr @kevinwong .

good work, wonderful post, thanks for sharing

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