Here are top-tier Decentralized & Centralized Exchanges that let you trade Cryptocurrencies

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There are only a handful of Exchanges that I would personally recommend!

The reason to that is that I get really skeptical when it comes to choosing & dealing with Exchanges, especially centralized ones. It’s extremely important for you to pick the right Exchange and I would like to also point out that you should never put all yours eggs in one nest - This essentially means, you should be using multiple Exchanges and never depend on only 1–2 Exchanges to trade on

Please be Responsible, if not were going to have to deal with a second catastrophic event similar to the Mt. Gox ordeal.

I would use a combination of both a centralized and decentralized exchange! Support decentralized ones because it seems like all the volume is found on centralized ones, plus let’s not forget the Decentralized spirit that Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were meant to provide us

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Binance - The exchange that managed to ‘’wow’’ the world and continues to make headlines. To many, Binance is the world’s most popular Cryptocurrency Exchange, simply because it managed to become of the most active marketplaces in such a short period of time

Coinbase - Unlike a majority of exchanges, Coinbase may very well be the most regulated brokerage firm. Those who value decentralization may not like this, but those who value security should consider using Coinbase. The exchange manages to secure licenses and are at the frontier of regulation, able to provide investors some sort of insurance in the event of a security breach

Bittrex - Another good exchange, because I’ve personally been using it for several years. It’s a known & trusted exchange, making it one of the best international marketplace for digital currency trading. If you’re looking for good liquidity, Bittrex is the to-go platform because it offers support for a wide variety of Altcoins
I recommend you to consider using these Exchanges: Poloniex, Huobi & Kucoin

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Marketplaces.png


IDEX - A decentralized that manages to retain it’s No.1 position as the most popular DEX due to the trading activity and adequate liquidity. However, there are some red flags that were raised as IDEX has recently restricted regional US traders (New York) from using it’s platform - Not much of a decentralized Exchange anymore!

Resistance - By far the most anticipated project of 2019, why because there is plenty of hype surrounding real community backed DEXs that emphasize on privacy & self-governance. ResDex will feature atomic swaps and a centralized Fiat gateway - at the convenience of traders. The project was meant to tackle problems of traditional decentralized exchanges by providing a more secure, faster and privacy-centric marketplace designed for traders

Bitshares - Been a fan of Bitshares since it went live, because it’s a DEX that functions smoothly! It’s easy to setup an account, and anyone should be able to begin trading on the platform. Bitshares marketplace manages to attract traders thus there is decent liquidity for certain Altcoin pairs. Whilst I’m not a big fan of the user-interface it seems much better to their main competitors (Bitshares & OpenLedger)

Support these DEXs because we can’t have enough open-source Exchanges in the Cryptospace. However, though all of them lack liquidity, so please show them some love:
KomodoDex, Waves, EtherDelta, Bitshares, Shapeshift and Kyber Network


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Do you think Cryptopia will ever come back online or is it gone for good?

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I've got no idea, to be honest! But hoping for the best. New Zealand authority have to deal with them. Hopefully we get some sort of justice out of this, had small amount of funds there

I’m a little confused about cryptobridge. How is it a dex if I have to send coins to it in order to sell them?

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It's an exchange company that operates on the Bitshares blockchain with User Issued Assets that you trade against Market-Pegged decentralized BitAssets. Bitshares is the DEX, CryptoBridge is a company that operates on top of it to allow you to send coins onto Bitshares from other blockchains. You are in control of your keys.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Cryptobridge is a wallet interface for Bitshares, so it's actually not a competitor!

Don’t forget the decentralized waves and stellar

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Waves is a great DEX's whereas Stellar, have yet to test it

I use Coinbase and am not smart enough or confident enough to switch away from them still currently. As the market matures I will likely make a change, but I'm happy the transactions are working effectively in concert with Blocktrades.

Nice summary.

Appreciate the comment! To be honest, I just want more liquid DEX's to hit the market

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