STEEM Game: Predict TOP Volume Coin on Bittrex by 10th Februrary 2017 and Win SBD!

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Since i post crypto news every 24h i have decided to make a game where everybody can win parts of the pot.

You have to predict which coin will have top Volume on Bittrex by Friday, 10 Februrary 2017, 16.00 UTC+1.

Here is yesterdays top Bittrex Volumes:

Top is XMR, DCR, BBR

Here is yesterdays top Poloniex Volumes (on BTC pair!):

Top is ETH, XMR, BBR.

As you can see top is similar yet has differences.

Today Bittrex and Poloniex:

Here is latest news/tips (decide what they may mean yourself):

Watch for newly added coins to Bittrex or ICOs there, they get high volumes.
LTC may have SegWit added.
Consensys might be releasing token on ETH.
DASH hit its All TIme High currently.
BBRs devs doesnt seem active and community may notice that soon.
XZC will soon have GPU miner.
PASC added pooled mining.

How to play:

  • People with less than 10 000 SP - upvote (100%), resteem and reply
  • People with 10 000 SP+ upvote (100%), reply
  • People with 16 000 SP+ upvote, reply
  • One reply with coin name per user.
  • Betting period is around 72h from launch of the post.
  • When betting is over i will announce "No more bets" in reply below.

Prizes and Distribution

In the comment please choose coin with biggest volume by the Friday, 10 Februrary 2017, 16.00 UTC+1..
All SBD from this post will be shared equally between winners.
If there is no winners half of the pot goes for the pool of next game.

This game is sponsored by @blocktrades

Give them a witness vote and use the service to exchange coins on the fly


The pot is 22.337 SBD

Ethereum resteemed

Quite a difference btw. the exchanges.... I watch a couple of them and was surprised to see such big differences btw them, for sure.

I was going to say ETH but if you are going by the Bittrex end of things, Monero seems far and away the player there -- so my say is it will be Monero my friend.

  • I need all the help I can get LOL... Resteemed

hence ive choosen @bittrex harder ot predict than polo ;)

Of course LOL, well played my friend.

I vote for ETH

DCR / Decred (Decentralized Credits) is an undervalued coin to keep your eyes on. @craig-grant

since i know you, you forgot to vote up to get into the game ;)

Monero resteemed

Im guessing Ethereum 👍

Resteem BTC

Maybe Ethereum..

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BTA- Bata

I'm an Ethereum perma-bull, but this ain't Polo so... I vote Monero.

Probably Monero

Looking good so far; just hold out another 28 hours and we got this in the bag!

Polo: syscoin

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