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We all love to experience new initiatives in the cryptospace, and we love exploring better opportunities in this new technology. The cryptocurrency space is so huge and comes along with various areas that host various activities. These activities that occur in the ecosystem are of different forms. We have programming functions, community management activities, project reviews, tech development and so much more. One major aspect of the crypto space is trading. In fact if you have no place to trade or exchange your crypto asset, then they can be literally classified as not being useful. But the question is that, what actually goes into an exchange? How does one assess an exchange to find out the best one to list a coin or to buy/sell crypto? This question comes along with a variety of answers and many exchanges will claim to offer various services of different kinds. In view of that, let us look at the following;

  • We hear news every day about exchanges getting hacked, and yes even the most supposedly advanced and trusted ones get hacked. This has been going on for so long and it happens to even the major exchange platforms.

  • Large user base exchanges getting jammed with trooping sign ups and then halting acceptance of members.

  • Difficulty getting an exchange that can be easily get your coins converted into fiat. This is very inconvenient and a major problem to almost everyone in the cryptospace.

  • Difficulty finding your way out in crypto. With this I mean difficulty to get learning resources, services and materials.

  • Complaints about customer support. Many people have various issues about support effectiveness. Sometimes you can send support a complain token and it shall take years to get a reply.

  • Another great enemy of crypto market, the “whale manipulation phenomena.” This canker affect virtually every one in crypto. The unfavorable pump and dump activities at exchanges also affect users very much. You can find out more at https://kubitx.io.



The above mentioned are cankers that are worrying majority of crypto members and we have all been trying to get solutions to them. This therefore brings us to a new initiative that specifically focuses on these flaws. This is the KuBitX Exchange. The KuBitX cryptocurrency exchange platform seeks to put in place some major milestone to make sure the cryptospace gets a proper image and representation to the outside world. The KuBitX Exchange aims to become one of the most diverse cryptocurrency marketplace for buyers and sellers by developing a robust trade engine, providing regular banking services through their Financial Service Providers, and initiating an Ambassador Programe to spread awareness (source: whitepaper).


The initiative shall put in place some major milestones to make their vision a reality:
Processing speed - this initiative shall ensure an increased power of transacting orders on the platform.

  • Fiat deposit and withdrawal- through partnership with various financial institutions and emerging market platforms, the initiative shall provide easy and convenient transfer between crypto and fiat

  • Customer support- this is one reason why the ambassador program comprises people from various backgrounds who understand the need of their countrymen. In addition to that, a robust team of support shall be set to make this a success.

  • Ease of use- This aspect shall include the use of easy user interface for customers to join. The platform shall be based on phones as well as on desktops.

  • Multi-Lingual- This feature shall also ensure the support for people from different geographical background. This is why KuBitX will be a multicultural platform where people from various places shall all have a convenient usage of the platform. Read more about it at https://kubitx.io.

kubitx secmsres.png

The cryptospace has various problems it encounters and a major one is the problem associated with exchanges. This platform has come to redeem us from some of these problems. Be part and enjoy some of the benefits of this platform. Let us all join and Educate and help people adopt to the crypto ecosystem thereby increasing their inclusion.


KuBitX id organizing at ICO at https://kubitx.io for the KuBitX tokens. Visit now and make a contribution towards a great future. Below is a snapshot of Token Details;


Get more info about KuBitX at

Website: https://kubitx.io

Whitepaper: https://kubitx.io/wp.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/kubitx_official

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365

Bitcointalk Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4632164

Author bitcointalk username: kwabeedat

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1266518


if pre-sale is already in progress

yeah they have already started. you can log on to https://kubitx.io now

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