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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

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You are on the nose. He is threatened. But the fact is--a decentralized, transparent blockchain is the perfect solution to a lot of the problems he faces as a banking tycoon. He just needs to learn to shift gears when it gets to that point. Kind of like when Blockbuster Video went out of business because Redbox and Netflix took the lead. Either get on the train or get off, but if you stand in front of it with your hands out, you're just going to get run over. Resteemed, my friend.


SUCH a perfect analogy there which you could write a whole steemit article about! Big Banks adopting Bitcoin and rolling with the punches of technology would be as life saving for the business model as Blockbuster if they had started a Streaming video service to actually compete with Netflix and RedBox, like imagine if Blockbuster tried to make their OWN redbox type Kiosks to just compete with and undercut redbox, and then aggresively competed with netflix, they could have actually adapted, like an Oil company investing in Solar Panel produiction before they run out of oil or before oil becomes obsolete, it's probobly already named and studied im sure there is a word to describe this like when an industry changes overnight and hundred years of work becomes obsolete lol, yeah actually andreas antanopolous actually described that in one of his lectures, the stages of grief by the big banks, ohman its crazy to actually see the big banks become obsolete right before our eyes,

so crazy to see how we all get to have that veil lifted and the world will know how big banks were holding humanity back, because look big banks cant SEE a world without them, but THE WORLD KEEPS GOING the fucking world is vast and if big banks fail GOOD someone else will come up and take over! Look more and more people are becoming self sufficient so when the system collapses most of us will go good riddance and we wont CARE its NOT OURS and all WE care about is the decentralized digital infrastructure we are creating, and the PHYSICAL world will follow, we will soon have the money to buy factories and islands and cargo ship and solar farms and we will become the new elite!

So yeah the elite cant imagine a world without them but look humanity will go to the stars and we will have our space colonies and we wont need Bankers, they dont do anything useful, but cryptocurrency people? we will love our crypto people! Bitcoiners? They will be the new bankers! People who control all the bitcoins are the ones who will control al the liquid money and they will be spending it and using it for new investments and money will be able top be tracked as well, we can now see who has what on the blockchain, hah it just solves so many problems

over time this is all going tpo unravel and the banking cartel will have to adpt or die and i think we will find they will be forced to adapt at the last moment maybe buying all the ripple at once and trying to buy as much bitcoin as they can probobly making all crypto go up like crazy, just wait untill some bankers and billionaires come in and try to buy up AL the crypto at once! hah hold onto your crypto, its going to just keep getting more valuable as if TIME is afactor here, the earlier you can get in the cheaper these coins are, but if you wait you have to just end up spending more andmore, and no matter how much you sopend youll never be able to buy up the BULK of the coins! Bitcoin for example and even steem we wont EVER sell our steem or buitcoin the 3/4ths of bag holders, we just wont ever sell, its why bitcoin can only ever fall like 30% and trhats it, it just goes up after that lol because theres only SO many new buyers who will be WILLING to sell, nmore string handsthan ever in bitcoin! this last dip we saw ALL the new people who might have sold last dip all holding and realizing thathis happens al the time! every dip cycle we get a NEW batch of bitcoin newbs learning the ropes! they learn not to sell and to just buy on these dips and they end up winning out! Its realy fun to learn with everyone and see more new users jump in!

speculation is being made. He made Chinese first. Then Jamie Dimon did it. The price of the right bitcoin will rise at the end of the year. Look at the picture below and after seeing speculation, please see how big a bitcoin Jamie Dimon buys

Well, maybe the big banks won't be the first ones, but big online entities, which is where Smart Media Tokens come in. Then, banks will just have to follow.

Here's a little piece on it for starters anyway