Proof of Humanity: Earn While Giving to Charity! (20$ Giveaway Inside!)

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Where to start talking about? We all joined the crypto space for one of these 2 reasons or maybe both, You are greedy and saw the opportunity for profits or you love the technology behind crypto currencies and the freedom they promise, i consider myself to be a part of the 2nd group but i can't deny that I also saw the opportunity to make money in the insane runs the crypto market has.

Its no secret that we are all inherently greedy and want profits to secure our lives and future but its also not a lie that above all else, humankind has always been more about giving and helping others than about harming, stealing and making profits! Because, isn't the purpose of every revolution, be it political, social, economical or technological also an act of giving? Don't people dedicate their lives to causes and research to put their grain of sand and help improve not only their lives but the lives of everyone in the world? To improve the human condition and enhance our experience of living?

With that precedent in your mind, can't we all agree that both being charitable, kind and sometimes greedy, is what makes us human? What makes us a whole and what makes us able to experience our lives to the full extend? No one is 100% good but neither 100% bad right?

With that in mind, what if you could experience both the feeling of greed and hunting for profits while also being able to give away to charity? Isn't that wonderful? Using the natural greed of people to give to charity? Well that is where your Proof of Humanity comes in!

Proof of Humanity(PoH) is the first token developed for charity purposes, It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and it runs along side a smart contract that takes care of running the whole show to make it fair to everyone, the only human interaction required is when you buy or sell, or when you participate in the Golden Plated PoH token purchase! (More of that ahead!)!

You might be asking yourself, well how does this work and how much is given to charity? Well its a pretty simple dividends smart contract, when you are a token holder and someone else steps in to buy tokens, the money is split between the smart contract, the dividends to all the token holders, the bigger your stake is (the more tokens you have) the higher dividends you will get and then a part of the proceedings is sent to charity!

So far almost 300$ have been raised to help out, another crypto currency project created to donate to non-profit organizations while making both the giver and the receiver accountable for the donation, so when you give to Giveth, you know your money is in good hands!



Gold Plated Token

The Gold plated token is so unique and exclusive that even though many explorers and researchers have tried to find more, they have only managed to find one! The Gold Plated token is changed on a different side of the exchange, you can consider it a sort of mini-game where, if you are smart enough, you can't lose. There's only one Gold Plated token, so it changes hands frequently, every time the token changes hands its price is increased by 7% and the previous buyer gets 90% of what he put in back and the other 10% is spread among previous token owners for life, so if you buy the gold plated token right now while its cheap, you will not only get 90% of your money back when someone else buys it, you will get a piece of that 10% of dividends for the rest of your life! Pretty good huh?

Hopefully you guys join in the efforts to make profits and help charity at the same time! Read below


If you want to participate in the giveaway of 20$ worth of tokens (2 winners will be selected, 10$ for each) you will need to follow these steps:

  • You will need a ETH address of your own where you can receive tokens and Metamask to be able to interact with the exchange.
  • Follow me(@lunaticpandora) and @numberofthingz
  • Upvote & Resteem this post
  • Comment so we can pick you as a winner!

And thats it! Good luck everyone!

Feel free to join the PoH community discord if you want to know more about it! Link down below!


PoH Exchange

Proof of Humanity Site | PoH Discord |


Soooo, I bought the golden token..... and 104 PoH tokens....

Sounds like an interesting concept, would like to learn more about it, will look into it when everyone else in the house wakes up too 😁

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I do like tokens!

Done! :)

I did all the steps, where I leave my ETH address?


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