Officially, Hashflare is currently not profitable


And the worst is happened: Payout of per TH is not greater than maintenance fee. As result, last one week(and still) BTC balance is same. All the payout cuts by Hashflare.
Here is statement of Hashflare:


If that BTC price continues "most probably" we will not get any payout anymore. Because, increasing ratio of difficulty is greater than increasing ratio of price .
Hashflare is one of my biggest disappointment in cryptocurrency investment. Maybe i should criticize my self, i didn't predict such that difficulty spikes and price drops. But, at the end i trusted to Hashflare will not satisfy its customers.

Last month, after Hashflare's "historical" discount, i wrote an post and warned user to not focus only the "plan price" but should be care about difficulty and maintenance fee.

Unfortunately, what i scared is happened. If Hashflare keeps same maintenance fee, probably we never profit until end of contracts times.

To move in cryptocurrency world, be careful and should take care of every details and think about "any worst" possibility.


The only way anyone ever made any money whatsoever off these cloud mining scams was via massive referrals, and that is all.

It looks like that.. other ways not much possible.

True. But we all did one or another mistake in Cryptos... Me too, I invested money into hashflare... I feel very stupid now.

Bro! It seems you are moving out if steemit 😥😥 which you told me sometime ago. Am I correct? Is there something wrong with this platform?? When you see my message please do reply...😥

I think the fall in the drop of price is unexplainable to any body.. You can't see this crash coming.. So don't beat up yourself worrying about it.. And great post by the way

Thank you :) yeah, you're right. Some parameters has bigger effects than others.

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Cloud mining is a joke, the profit goes to the company, not to the users, you are better of investing in a mining rig.

Sure. and another option is to do middle and long term trading.

Sure. and another
Option is to do middle
And long term trading.

                 - mahsumakbas

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It is not only that you will not profit, you will actually lose your money.

Since Hashflare is a service contract the argument with the maintenance fees should not the customers problem. I see good chances in front of Estonian Courts against Hashflare.

@mrorange55 is it possible to open any case against Hashflare in that situation?