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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

JP Morgan is creating their own crypto to take on bitcoin so they want to bring down the champ.


Yes, and I really doubt that any cryptocurrency created and controlled by JP Morgan is going to even be a serious rival to the leading decentralized cryptocurrency.

The only way it could win were if they could use the mainstream mouth piece to their advantage and take control of the Bitcoin narrative early. This has to the potential to kill it because Bitcoin itself has yet to reach critical mass. If Dimon can reach critical mass using his buddies then he could advertise a new "better" version of something that other people have already adopted. Bitcoin needs to set up it's own positive marketing machine and get ahead of the banking cartels that control the petro dollar.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi

I love that. But I guess that is why he was who he was. The bigger question here I think is why China outlawed bitcoin. They didn't do that as a one-off but it must be part of a bigger plan. I thought they were good with cryptos. Certainly the Chinese people are good with all things tech. So what's their plan? Any thoughts out there.

Friend bitcoin is the future! China rumors are false.

As long JP Morgan cripto is centralize and control by his party than it will not go anywhere.

It is called Quorum and according to their site it is going to be the 'New Ethereum'!!

Very true, ubs as well
The best wins!?

Dimon vs Bitcoin <=> Cabbies vs Uber

Hm, did they just ban Uber in London?

Yes uber won't get their operating licence renewed in London , but they will appeal that decision , could take a 1 year !!