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Hey Steemit,

after a hopefully proper introduction let’s dive head first into my first proper (hopefully again) article here on Steemit. And as the topic of said article I choose something that bothers me since the day I learned to love the crypto community: Constant Memes about the Moon and Lambos.


I am an active Redditor for almost 2-3 years. I stumbled upon various subreddits but the ones that stuck were /r/Ethereum, /r/CryptoCurrencies and /r/Ethtrader. Now let me be clear, the amount of information I got from these subreddits and the articles linked there is invaluable, but as cryptocurrencies and the blockchain gain mainstream attention, the amount of meme posts increases exponentially. Compared to the „early days“ of my interest in crypto (now that’s less than a year ago admittedly) there are way more posts about becoming „rich“, „buying lambos“ and „going past the moon straight to Uranus“.

But do these posts actually achieve anything remotely positive? Or are they actually harming the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as a whole?

The more I see these posts, the more I try to contribute in these communities, the more I realize that these posts must be a huge red flag for anyone trying to enter the cryptocurrency landscape. Regardless if this person is an 18 year old tech native or a middle aged financially interested businessman thinking about adopting crypto for his/her business.

Would you rate a business legitimate in such case? Would you invest thousands of dollars in something that is propagating „mooning“ aka a 50 fold increase in your investment or would you stay away because we all remember the saying: „If something is too good to be true - it usually is“.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit - Aristotele

So let us please focus on quality. Let us focus on educating and promoting this amazing tech in a way that draws people towards it. Focus on „fundamentals“ - if you choose to call them that - and educate outsiders and insiders what blockchain technology can/will change. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are not a get rich scheme. They can be industry changing tools to actually create value and contribute to the greater good of us all. Because if we don’t educate newcomers, we open the floodgates to sites like BitConnect which further hurt our shared interest.

My "advice": The next time you stumble upon a post promising „sick gains“ and shouting „HODL“ and „to the moontry to offer a different view. A more objective one. 

© False Knees/Joshua Barkman

I hope you enjoyed the article above and leave a comment letting me know what your thoughts are. Please remember english isn’t my first language so bear with me and let me know should there be any blatant mistakes. I really appreciate it.

See you next time!

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