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RE: Jamie Dimon is wrong, and he knows it

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

The man is at the top of his world,
he see's a threat and maybe does not see how to use it to his advantage, therefore he is on the attack!
The danger will come when he finds a way to use it to his advantage, and then trys to control it!
The blockchain holds the power to change the world, but only if we use it, promote it and advance it.
We must prevent those that want it controlled from doing so, control is a limitting force.
Free the blockchain.


Bitcoin is no threat to someone of a net worth as big as litecoin on a good day!

deeplizard deeplizard tweeted @ 23 Sep 2017 - 01:17 UTC

#bitcoin or not. Jamie Dimon ain't going nowhereeeeeeeeee! @cnbc stop saying this person is scared! #crypto $btc

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