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RE: Even a dead cat can bounce!!!!

I agree! When investing, you really are investing in the person and a little bit his idea, but especially his ideals. Knowing he is going to take care of things, and your investment is going to return with interest in the long run so that your money is working while you are, too, then that's all you really need. Investment isn't really about this day trading thing. That's almost market manipulation on a small scale, not brandishing anyone who does it with offense or anything. Just is what it is. Slinging money around inflating value for no purpose but self gains. Again, not knocking the efforts to make money, but that's something that makes markets less predictable. You can pinpoint the needs and wants of the human population and purchasing power, fairly easily, with in reason. What's much more difficult is predicting if some smart guy decides to move his currency around the world a few times in a few minutes. Obviously, the effect of this action depends on scale, but if a whale did something like this, they would be watching him at the very least. Anyways, doing your research and hodl-ing is the name of the game. I never heard this phrase before. Thank you for sharing.


That is very much true inveatment need time and careful sellection

Amen. Research, research, research.

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