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Eos based blockchain number one poker platform, pokerking has just launched a new UI.

The new UI will no doubt boost the outlook of the platform and increase engagement with the platform.

The new UI has a well thought out design with an easy to use friendly display, sleeky layout and a nice colour blend which keeps the game mood going.


If you haven't tried out the poker platform, here's a good chance to be among the first users of this amazing platform and join over 800 active daily users of the platform who play and wager against themselves .

For more details you can refer to the links below:

Telegram group:

Twitter Page:



I've been trying to help the Poker King folks for a while now get better established here on the Steem platform, but they aren't interested. I hope that they change their minds because I'd love to help get things rolling. Poker King is a pretty killer poker platform and I've love to see it get more attention.