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RE: Did You Know You're Part of a Financial War?

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Just calling it decentralized means it’s something most of goverments don’t agree with. I really don't think it's an exaggeration that blockchain technology will at the end change the world. It is a fundamentally new way for creating decentralized systems. To me, it is a game changer. The currency speculation stuff is a sideshow. However, if there wasn't this bitcoin bubble, nobody would know about blockchain, and the topic would be completely boring to 95% of people. But the technology itself, including social platforms such as Steemit, is going to change how almost every single digital service is structured. It's complicated, and technical, and kind of hard to explanain in one sentence. Everyone knows that government and financial institutions are completely against it, they are frightened by blockchain technology. At the and people will win this war and they will have to adapt.


I don’t know about governments, in the end they could be the biggest users of the blockchain and it would safe them so much money! They just don’t see the added value yet!

The Iron Law of Bureaucracy shows that the administrators of government agencies are dependent on the opposite of government savings. Their power grows the larger the budget they administer grows, and any savings their agency manages decreases their personal power.

Government is run by people, and those people prefer to grow their power rather than decrease it.

Edit: WE need to use blockchain to first rein in government, and then replace it altogether. WE benefit from savings in the services we fund.

Blockchains and the valuable tokens that secure them go hand in hand. IMO, you can't have one without the other. I agree, it will change everything. As I said in 2013, Bitcoin will be more disruptive than the Internet.