Tempting feature in NEO currency

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For investment, there are cryptocurrencies that, when you're sleep, in addition to possible, price growth, they add Your assets.

• If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you need to work so hard, to die.
" Warren Buffett "

Neo can not be extracted, And it uses an algorithm similar to the proof of stake, that called dBFT.
There are two kinds of tokens or currency units in the neo network, NEO and GAS.
The NEO currency unit is used to maintain the network and GAS to pay for network fees and build smart contracts. to NEO holders, in Neo's official wallets described in this article, or Binance-cryptocurrency Exchange, regularly paid GAS.
The number of NEO and GAS units is both limited, hence, in the future, if the Neo network becomes operational, The likelihood of a price growth is a lot.
So, in addition to investing in NEO, you get a GAS token every day.



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