Facebook Buying Coinbase ?

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We all know Facebook had lot of controversy over crypto ads ban on their platform few months ago, but now they have reversed their decision and lifted the ban of crypto ads on their platform (ICO ads are still not allowed though) .

Facebook is aware of potential of Blockchain technology that is why they launched their own "exploratory blockchain group" that reports directly to the company's CTO, Mike Schroepfer. Head of the group David Marcus who is former president of PayPal and is the current Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook where he heads the Facebook Messenger unit and also a board member of Coinbase .

Big rumours that Facebook is very much interesting in buying Coinbase which was earlier reported by economist.com as well . If this happens it will boost Facebook value's and utility and most importantly will add legitimacy to crypto market as well . This will even help cryptocurrency to reach billion of people and that is what we all want , as it will help to boost our crypto market back on track and market to be in Bullish Behavior .

Coinbase has already stated that they want to reach billion people who will use cryptocurrency and there is no better option to have partnership with facebook over it to reach billion people . So if all this happen Facebook coin will be launched too and if that happen it will for sure have huge demand and far more reach then bitcoin as well .

Now lets imagine if Google , Facebook , twitter & instagram all launched their crypto coins it will be big boost for those coins for sure but will ad legitimacy in crypto field with huge pump .

All of this is just rumour until Facebook announces it officially . We all know Mark has said it multiple times that he is studying it deep so that they can use its potential to max . So sooner or later we might heard this rumour to come true as well .

What's Your view on this blog comment below ?
What you think Facebook is really interested in buying Coinbase or not ?

Comment Your Opinion

Sumit Kapoor @moneyguruu


Downvoted for attempting to scam people on chat for money to increase rep

Upvoted for visibility

May be we should form a agency for preventing people from getting scam!

Hehe, that would have to be one big agency in the crypto realm!

Just another bot abuser...flagged this one and the other one he just put on trending.

Good stuff, tried to get 250 SBD from me on chat to increase my rep :0D

I will head over to the other one too

I basically used your comment on his other one.
Figured you already wasted vp here, so I handled that one.
I'd so much rather be voting people but man I can't stand this shit.


I know what you mean, is rubbish wasting VP on shit. I can't stand it either!

@meesterboom & @jonny-clearwater !
It seems like we have some misunderstanding here . I never ever contacted you or anyone on chat asking for SBD or anything .
I would love to see a screenshot where i was asking you SBD ? And even share the user id of the person who you chated with as i don't even know you guys .
Seems like we have an imposter here who is trying to scam people in my name .
So before we start to fight and argue on things i would like you to share the screenshot publicly so everyone can see what is the exact matter .


Thank you so much for your kind words Sumit sir

Here is the screenshot.

I asked to see your profile, so I knew who to send the money to, you sent this one. I asked how much you said 250.

I have never yet encountered a scammer who wants someone else to get the money.

Note, in the screenshot you say in the last seven days you increase your rep.

Coincidentally it is in the last six days you have been using bid bots. This corroborates with the chat.

And please don't say. Oh, it isn't me, look is another name!

How come if you are so innocent it has taken you this long to respond yet you were responding to others?

And I ain't gonna fight or argue.


@meesterboom, bud seems like there is an issue for sure. Sumit is a known name in India and he won't do any such things. He may have invested way more than that "imposter" is asking you and I think you can see it too. I know you guys have voting power, but it doesn't mean that you will use it for something like this. If you cannot investigate or don't want to investigate then please don't downvote anyone like this. How would you feel if someone will mention something similar about you. Even in past people has exploited his name to con others for BTC on telegram (he responded with a video on that) Oh btw, Sumit has YT channel where he is educating his followers about beauty of Steemit, maybe someone watching did this, no idea. Also, maybe you should give his channel a look and then form your opinion (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_d3dOruc-Y0CNzoNRLPDzw). Steemit is a beautiful community and we want to flourish and help others do same. Please check all the above points and investigate a little before you come to any conclusion. It's a request. :-)

Sandeep B

I will look at these links.

And here is a video link where he talks about scammer's action. Video is in Hindi and you may / may not understand. However, he talks about scammer number and deeds at around 1:20

And @meesterboom & @jonny-clearwate i would be waiting to hear back on your decision .
So that rather then fighting on over it we can help steemit community to grow with our knowledge .


@meesterboom I can assure you he will never do such a thing he is a very genuine guy and really want to help people. i joined steemit because of him.

@meesterboom - Don't you see in image that the person name is jitendra ?? He pinged you a message telling he build his profile in 7 days with so much reputation and he have posted my account link to you . Does this mean its me ??
Are you really kidding me being with repo of 73 as i see on Steem you are believing on a chat from any random person who is claiming it to be me .

2nd I am not here to sit for 24 hours i have lot other word as well so as i came back i saw your messages and i responded them back .

3rd Who so ever that person was he was very much correct that i have established my account in just 10-15 days with support of my community .

So i will again wait to hear back from you do you still believe that i will be asking 250 SBD lols i am laughing at this stage brother as you don't know people use my name everywhere to try to find some quick money .

And if you still have doubt pls respond back so we can stop to argue and get this downvote off my post as for sure i don't like to be blamed for things which i have not done .

Well let's get one thing absolutely clear.

You have not increased your rep with the help of your community.

You are buying votes from bid bots which had the side effect of increasing your rep dramatically. That is it. No, oh it's my followers nonsense.

I am laughing too. You can call yourself anything on steemit chat.

I would be utterly astonished if someone asked me to send you SBD to try and blacken your name.

But you know, its not anything you have said. Someone else said something in your defense which makes me inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I will look at your YouTube channel.

I will also look at your replies for a while and if I see any people being ripped off I will flag everything you do.

But for now, peace.

Point 1 : The name says - jitendra.gautam
Point 2 : @moneyguruu is known for his work & a self made man in India. He would not scam you for merely 250 SBD. For a matter of fact he donates 7-10 ETH he gets from his promo videos among community members and rest goes to charity.
Point 3: We are a strong community.
YouTube Channel : 312,000 Members.
Telegram : 29,000 active members.

@meesterboom : I'll send your profile to someone on steem chat, and say it's me.

How stupid can the person be to get convenienced? Isn't it?

It's not fair buddy to put up aligations just like that. People who are humble, do not bragg about themselves. That's why @moneyguruu did not say you all this ☺️
Happy Steeming! Good Day! #Peace

Excuse me?

Is his real name moneyguruu? Grow up. You don't have to have the same name on chat as you do in steemit.

Scam artists tend to be stupid.

I don't care how many followers he has elsewhere.

Although amusingly and interestingly that is the number he quoted me in chat.

The more people suddenly pop out the woodwork to defend him now the more suspicious I get

@meesterboom : 🙏🏼 His real name is Sumit Kapoor. His photo is in the profile. He has not put up a lions pic!
I can't convince you & nor I am here to do that! #Peace🕊️ Buddy.


I can't stand facebook or coinbase lol They're = to the peering green eyes of the all-knowing governmental overlords and its paper stained with the greasy fingerprints of your banks and your mints.

I think Facebook buying coinbase would be good for crypto prices, but anyone with privacy concerns wouldn't trust the place with a 10ft pole.

Very well said as facebook lost their trust in term of user privacy and data stored !

Zuckerburg laughed when Yahoo offered 1 Billion to buy facebook because they were massively undervaluing the company. Now look at Yahoo and look at facebook. Coinbase should not even think of giving in to the broken centralized system that Facebook has become. Wait a few years and Coinbase will be able to buy facebook, even though they won't want to.

Yes true ! But what i feel is its time for lot of hyped and lot of FOMO news to come in market now as its high time for crypto to start its bull run . So Facebook might do it or not but such rumours will always be good for us

Good News @moneyguruu (sumit da)
Now what is the steps by google in ICO add?

right said

I think the involvement of Facebook ,Google and the like will be detrimental to the "game". I can see these big budget entities rigging the market to serve themselves.

Limited time. Sign up and get $12 cps coin . Coinpayments official coin.

Video :

Are there Coinbase alternatives? Is this robin hood app running already?

this move could jumpstart mass adoption

Ugh, I really hope not, we need a Coinbase competitor. ETHOS??

@moneyguruu i dont know whether it is right to say it here or not but remember me we met in evening when you were parking your car, please help me to grow on this platform and if you have time check my previous blogs it helps you to complete a challange you take a month back on mguncut challenge. i hope you received this comment as you seems to have a massive following even here

Nice to see you being active on steemit . And yes i do remm you and i am working over my challenge slowly but yes as that is what my trainer want to do so soon will share results with all too :)

Thank you so much for your kind words and boosting me too.

That's a quite shocking rumour when the facebook was the first who have blocked all crypto ads now if they really step up on this field for buying coinbase thats will be a huge news for crypto field.

Facebook is always there to dominate and they can one more time show there dominance with this step !

Sweet deal! Maybe we can buy FB ads to pump steemit?! Adoption is real and becoming a growing boon to the crypto economy. Please let all the idiots still blogging for free, please let them all buy .01 BTC then we would all be rich as hell here!

Facebook ads are getting ineffective now a days due to lot of spamming and lot of competition that is running over there . Rest yes steemit is a platform where we can easily work on our dreams .

I'm in fb groups where some people make good money on the ads. But for each one of those, there are many who lose. If you do it, you have to willing to sink money into it and learn. I do not want to give fb any money at all :)

I'm definitely trying for the steemit dream.

See @fitinfun i for sure agree with you about facebook ads but i have used facebook ads to x level of extend if we use Pixel and refind our advertisement target we can really get cheap ads on facebook to our target audience . Yes its difficult to do but people when get expert over it it becomes very easy and powerful as well ..

rumor has been circling around for a few days now but i will be shocked if this happens. i dont like either of them but still i cant imagine that happening

The whole point of cryptocurrency is to decentralize banking/money and keep the tech/banking giants from having absolute control. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc... can take their control freak bullshit elsewhere. At this point they are the largest censors in the world.

Correct on what you said but for now crypto need boost and such news might get big investors in which is all we need in crypto to rise again . So if this happen or not no one knows but for sure it will get lot of investors to invest in crypto seeing this as future and this is what all we need :) @nicknyr

Hiii @moneyguruu, I'm a Youtuber from Mumbai.
No one knows what is happening in this bearish market, But I was searching something about Bitcoin and found a interesting data about Bitcoin.


@moneyguruu, if Bitcoin will follow 2013-14, then what will happen no one knows.

Because in Nov. 2013 Bitcoin jumped from $150 to $1,242 within week and after that every one knows about Feb. 2014 Gt. Gox history.
And that time Bitcoin was survived for three years to come back $1,000.
I think same thing happend in Nov. 2017, when Bitcoin Jumped from $7,000 to $20,000 within weeks.
And story of Fev. 2018. @moneyguruu what do you think now??
and don't miss to follow @devkapoor423 and support by hitting your upvote and comment on @devkapoor423 posts.
Love and support @moneyguruu @devkapoor423

Nice question to ask .
For me there is huge difference in 2014 and 2018 now . people were just starting to know what is bitcoin in 2014 but for now everyone who have invested on bitcoin know what it is and have invested for its future growth knowing the facts that there is only fixed supply for it and if demand increases price will increase this is what people know now .

For me bitcoin cannot take those 3 year time again to jump back as there are lot of good news which are waiting to arrive in market in 2018 and now bitcoin and crypto move more according to HYPES- FUDS & FOMO so for me it will recover very fast as only futures trading is responsible for this manipulation and soon we will see every trade turns into long that is my prediction ..

Thanks @moneyguruu, you are doing something different for this crypto community . I'm agree with you that market will rise soon.
And If this deal comes in true then trust will build in this market becouse already facebook holding more 2.3 Billion people. and sooner are later they will aware about Bitcoin that will be good thing for crypto/.
Keep your support @vikas4233 by follow, upvote and comment..

Thanks @moneyguruu for your answer, I hope market will recover soon, but personally @devkapoor423, I'm little bit fear about that.
keep your support up @moneyguruu.
Thanks again for your upvote,
the market is in Wait and watch situation.

Who Knows tomorrow Bitcoin price will be what???

Maybe Facebook really IS interested in buying Coinbase. Clearly, Zuckerberg has had some kind of insight, recently. What if FB is considering creating their own social currency? Let's face it — it would be an easy "sell:" Zuckerberg endorses a cryptocurrency, and already have 2.3 billion built-in customers. So go out and buy a major exchange so you can profit both coming and going.

The thing that's really bothersome about this is that it would be a major setback to the idea of cryptocurrency as a decentralized idea... you don't get much more centralized than Facebook...

I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes on this particular ball...


Very well pointed out @curatorcat as yes everything will turn centralized after this happen and crypto is all about decentralization . For sure once they jump into it they must bring in something so the main aim of crypto does not shatters that is decentralization .

Yes @moneyguruu, but I think now microsoft and facebook are taking interest in #decentralised and #blockchain based projects.
And I think now both Companies are showing their power to beat each other.
Microsoft did every thing to aquere Github and now Facebook is taking interest in Coinbase.
Apart from Crypto, What do you think about Microsoft and Facebook, which will be superpower??
Because Microsoft aquered LinkedIn, GitHub, while What's App, Instagram are Part of Facebook..
Thanks and Love @moneyguruu and Keep your support to @devkapoor423
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mujhe lagt hai india tab bhagega jab crypto se baaki desh sure ho jayenge .digitel india sirf ek name hai .notbandi karwake kya fayda hua .ulta desh me rojgar or kam ho gya jo log majdoori karte thai na aaj wo bhi nhi kama pa rhe hain. ek modi desh ko kha gya or ek modi bank loot k bhag gya .me modi k chailo se sirf itna kahoonga ki
bhakt bano andhbhakt nhi

sahi farmaya janab

Facebook already is in trouble with Congress on other issues. So, I don't think it will buy Coinbase until regulations on crypto currencies are in place. As of now, Facebook doesn't seem to want problems piled up for themselves.

This is for now a rumor only time can tell if this become reality or not .. @tapan676

I am really sick. For a sec I thought the title read "Chinese buy coinbase" and I was trippin balls. I don't know how this would work out in the end, but as an investor...I'm all about money and this would provide a good opportunity for me to get some of that zuckerberg money

Lols well said we can atleast buy some shares as for sure its gonna pump for initial months because of crazy demand it gonna have ..

If Facebook ever launches it's own Cryptocurrency, its done, done deal. It will be one of the most important currencies in the world (IMHO).
This rumour came out about 6 months ago, now they are buying coinbase? If the deal becomes true it is definitly the start of something HUGE.

100% biggest thing in crypto it would be !

Hi sir
Plz like my dtube video bcz you like my video my earning is high plz sir

This rumour has been blown out of proportion by the crypto media. It is completely unsubstantiated - the Economist and Independent articles don't provide any evidence to support it. I even wrote a post analysing it - https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@pkcheese/facebook-will-acquire-coinbase-crypto-rumour-analysed

Yes I do think this partnership would be a positive for the crypto space and legitimise the industry, but there is absolutely no precedent for it!

Yes its just a rumor and only time can tell if that really happens or not ..

News is news.
This is, for Bitcoin certainly good news.
Whether it is truth or lie.
If Mark goes to the crypto ( Coinbase or something other ) this is a clear message to the whole world. "The big Facebook is giving money where Mark it think will not to lose it."
Many undecided will easier to make a decision.
Small and big....

And if anything like such happened its clear indication for crypto field that it is asset class and everyone will start trusting it lot more .

@moneyguruu what ever the rumors bro, all market based on news. last time when @facebook ban @crypto related adds we have seen how market crash after this news, if they are reversing the decision i think its good for our market. and may be @facebook is also invole in @bigwhale. they can crash market any time even they can show big pump any time. if they are planing to buy coinbase and that was just rumor, we can say they want to see now in market a very big bump..?? may be i was wrong what did you say about this?

They are not here to become whale dear they are here to rule the market and show dominance in every field .
But yes for us they can do whatever they want to but such rumours will for sure help our community and crypto holders feel relaxed and this can result in long term hold and hence boost in price as well .
So such rumours is all what we need to get back on track .

@moneyguruu you are absolutely right, as you know i'm the @cryptoholder and i have no concern from the market go up or go down. when i invest that time i just put in my mind hold till 2018 end it's mean for one year. as i learn from you so much and always be cool and from last 10 days i have not see the @coinmarketcap. these all patient came from you bro. thanks for inspiring us.

yes we need to get on our track,sir. @moneyguruu
but i agree with @aadil786 that fb are involve with whales and they are manipulating the market. because firstly they come up with the news to ban crypto adds. and after few days, they change their decision.
sir, they are big enough to research the market first, and then make some sensible decision.
but why they are making this kind of negative decision first, and then they are researching the market ?(just like our indian government-ban crypto withdrawals from bank and then admiting we haven't research the market earlier. )
please reply on this!

@jiya11 yupe its just our imagination because we are learning from @moneyguruu a-lot. i trust on him. i found him every time right.

This is bittersweet. It sounds great but facebook already knows so much it feels like a trap.

@moneyguruu, I really appreciate the work you do for the community. However Please be careful while writing a post. " there crypto coins it will be big boobs for those coins " , it should be Big Boost for those coins....not big boobs ...:) Screenshot_2018-06-29-11-55-04_com.android.chrome_1530253526941_1530253572419.jpg

OH No this is big error :( .. But i don't think steemit it allow anything to be edited after upvote .
And thanks for pointing it out will need to recheck multiple times before i post from now on ..

@moneyguruu thanks for this error.. because your this error made me laugh and also feeling good now..

Thank you for editing the post Sirji, You have been the guiding force for us and I really admire you. I got to learn about cryptos from your videos in youtube and will always be following you

I also notice it


@aashucryptocharm thanx for your correction to @moneyguruu fill free to guide us also @important-to-us


I am laughing

True Follower :)

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Thanks sir you comment on me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I donating 50% of my earning in giveaways

Mark is no doubt a smart businessman and knows the potential of bitcoin and other cryptos. He can shake hands with coinbase and this will deffinitely add value and legitimacy to cryptos. Keep your fingers cross.🤑🤑🤑

Indeed he is . And shagun you are doing good on steemit :)

Thanks, wish you the same. As usual, u will nail it.

True.. Lets hope Crypto will be back in old days

$20k a Bitcoin

would it add legitimacy? bitcoin doesn't care about facebook. however, such a move where crypto is designed to remove middlemen, could backfire. The point is, crypto is coming from a very different place.

@moneyguruu i think facebook is interested for buying coinbase because everyone knows that crypto is the future and the companies like facebook, google, twitter will not ignore this. So if they want to maximize their earnings they will definitely come in the field of crypto currency. so my opinion is by the end of this year we will hear this good news and then we will see that the market of billions comes in trillions

There is no doubt fb is very clever. He knows fb is loosing their popularity that't why he is going to enter in crypto......Because crypto is future :)

I will grateful to you if you read my post and give your feedback I will be very helpful for me...
Thank you ;)

well good information you post...
if all social media having their crypto then we only see crypto will use same as now paytm we see....
waiting for see dreams.....

Crypto is all about speculation and this is one of them as well it might happen it might not happen .
Only time can tell though and lets see what time has for us . :)

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If that happens, it will be a great step in the future of cryptocurrency Will help restore its value and raise it again But fear of being a step from governments to control the cryptocurrency market and eliminate it .


Yes it's really interesting news and partnership between facebook and coinbsale will Definately give boost to crypto market. Will wait for companies formal announcement.

As of now crypto market is in bearish mode what do think should we wait for further down near to $5000 for more investment.

Pls look at my latest prediction on bitcoin and advise your comments on same..


It can even go $4500 which i don't think will happen or should happen . Even if that happen you can simply hold as bitcoin can never stay that low for long it will rise for sure after some period .

Hi @moneyguruu

Your blog is very nice, Yes facebook is going to take over coinbase or it is going to take its own new coin because of the following reasons

  1. The first facebook has banned cryptp-related Ads, but it has removed the ban (except ICO related)

  2. Facebook has already had a wide range of users across the globe, so it is easy and to take its own coin.

  3. It has already started researching on the cryptocurrencies and blockchian related things.

Depending upon on the above reasons in my view facebook may take its own coin or take over coinbase.

Comment your opinion and whether it is correct or not

Thank you

Ramanjaneyulu Kanike @ramanjan-kanike

@moneyguruu They can't ignore the huge profit from the cryptocurrency. But it's good that they are only allowing Non ICO ads. That way facebook will be not part of the scams.

About the taking part in Blockchain or Buying Coinbase, it will be the great move if they do because blockchain is the future. Very slowly but everything moving to blockchain - like here steemit alternate of Google's blogger.com, Dtube alternate of Youtube. This way we may see social network on Blockchain which will be next facebook. Let's hope for the best.

Waiting for your next video sir. Thanks again for giving us information about this platform. I am trying to follow your all rules. With your support we surely will get the sucess.

We have no other option other then succeed over here together .

@moneyguruu I believe the same Sir.

And imagine if G7 countries invest in crypto
Where would we be ?😍

Trillion $ market and hence all our dreams and predictions for bitcoin will come true :)

InshaAllah we will see that day soon !

If this is true, it would definetely raise facebook's value and we can see a ATH soon

@moneyguruu.... Hi nice topic and india ko es par kuch sochchana chahiye...

More than my HALF doubts gets clear while reading comment only!! :P @moneyguruu you will be India's CRYPTO ICON soon :)

Thanks for such a comment !

@moneyguruu i don't think facebook is really intested in buying .. they are trying to manipulate the market. We can see the example of ads ban also done by them. What you think sir that is facebook really interested in buying?

They are manipulating for sure but thing is facebook has taken so many such decision and they have buyed lot of big giants in market as what i feel is they want to become the biggest BRAND all time on planet who buy everything which looks big .

@moneyguruu yes they are trying to become biggest BRAND but with that they are also taking out news and playing game with small investors like us... ohh sorry sir.. i am saying small investors like me and my friend.. you are very big investor.. heheh..but if facebook will buy coinbase. Then that will be great step in crypto market. I think that can boom crypto also? isn't sir?

Lols i am not a big investor i am just a common man ! :) and yes such FOMO news will help our market to recover .

@moneyguruu no sir you are a big investor and great person. And let the market recover by any news.. as of now we don't care about which news will make market to revover .. we just want is that market recovery.

If there is rumor then definitely there are more chances of Mark's could do it ,if not coinbase may be some other.By lifting ban partially he already started believing in the potential of crypto-currencies.

Bhai, I am excited to think about crypto price if Facebook actually buys Coinbase.. Lets hope for BEST !!! ;-)


E Vai ka channel he, to sarm kis bat ki,,, हमारा sath jabtak @moneyguruu + @sandeeptgs E do India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 ka Tiger 🐯 he तब तक हम पीछे nehi hatenge,, E 2 Vai हमेसा हमे bahut kuch sikhaya,, steemit, cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, aur vi bahut kuch,,, so हमारा 2 Tigers ke liye piyar चाहिए,,,, jai hind,

हमारा @sandeeptgs Vai हमेसा हमारा sath he,, Sandeep Vai you are the great,,,

But this can definitely happen brother as facebook already buyed some big big names and they are here to dominate and they have one more chance to show there dominance here .

I've written something about this in my post today. facebook incorporating crypto seems a bit of a joke but it doesn't stop them muscling in, via other ways. It could really backfire on them.

It can go either way might add on for them some positives and might add a negative impact but only time can tell... @ade-greenwise

@moneyguruu I think facebook definitely doing something in blockchain or cryptocurrency because we always see facebook bussiness model is different from ohers companies.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Another Great Platform So Facebook never miss this opportunity.

Thank you so much for your kind words ..Sumi sir

I think it's not just Facebook. Undoubtedlyse many others giant institutions too in line .they want use cryptocurrency as payment method. further They want to launch their own Cryptocurrancy.
I think this struggle of big institutions is very good for crypto future
(Thanks moneyguru to share with us such nice topic)
Thanks everyone

its great news for crypto market because big companies like facebook look interst in cryptocurrency.

Yes that will be very interesting when FB joins crypto..I like your every post as i am also from mgsc family.

@moneyguruu today facebook announce they will ban contineous cryptocurrency advertisement they will allow with terms&conditions

Do you think it's gonna help crypto in some positive way..... I don't think so..... Atleast not in short run until we r in bear market

this is the good news for crypto market because big companies like facebook is showing interest in cryptocurrency.

Facebook's strategy to buy coinbase is very futuristic approach..!! Entire world would be looking forward for this deal as it will be a great promotion of blockchain technology & mass adoption.

@moneyguruu Well!! good news for crypto because facebook was bigger platform. Through this news those people who didn't believe in crypto then they also believe in it.

I don't think it will going to happen but if it is going to happen then it is good news...... what do you think sir?.....

People give up Facebook due to privacy concerns. Will they lose coinbase too? 😂 🤣

Lols i think people forget things very fast and the facebook privacy thing is not even in people memory for now . So i think if this happen it would be great for crypto @ayyanaleeblog

Ofcourse. Hope for the best 😍

Seems like its just a rumor for now, would be a super bullish sign though!

I didn't think coinbase will sell as the adoption keep on increase and transaction fees it got is alot

When it comes to facebook they will not be buying it for pennies but 10 times its worth because then only coinbase will sell it otherwise i don't think any well settled and big name will sell there company ..

If facbook buying coinbase then we Expect better label experience from coinbase..

If google, Facebook ,Twitter launch their own crypto currency then we can see a big boost in crypto market.

Thanks @moneyguruu for post this type of valuable things

@moneyguruu It is true sir but facebook was blocked crypto ads I think it's a rumour, right sir ?

@moneyguruu That's again an interesting news from facebook. It may actually help the technology thrive. It’ll be really interesting to see what Facebook builds, what sort of conversations its efforts bring up, and how it takes the technology further as it attempts to upgrade its own systems. They are doing extremely good and their best👍

Sir you are earning so much but we are not earning nothing. Please give some ideas.

I can see this can be happen. Google already has 7 products with billions users. buy Facebook only 3. These Internet giants are always looking for companies with huge potential growth. This could take crypto from the millions of users to the billion+.

This is what i said and if they do so it will be great news for crypto market as it can boost alt coins badly with huge investments coming in ...

Yeah...If happen then it gives Coinbase a steroids and gives it seven flaming heads.

This will be biggest support to cryptocurrency

yes so many idiots are there for there youtube views, comments, and for like they are writing worst headlines like

  1. bitcoin life is over.

  2. india will band bitcoin.

  3. dont invest in this coin.

if you are intelligent dont lesion these words survay your self and invest your self. because the profit is yours and loss is yours. be positive and gain more.

if you thought this comment is real up vote and replay me.

Biggest joke of the week .Few months ago a news came out mark zuckerberg planing to release facebook coin. Some day rumor can come out Donald Trump acquired both Verge and Pornohub....ha..ha