BCD/BTC Bot Buy Signal 2018.09.16

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Buy Bitcoin Diamond at price 0.00029405 btc and lower,
short Sell at price 0.00031 btc and higher.

Before making decision to buy, you should consider that it can deep more, but also it's always good thing to buy and HODL.
Try to invest No more than 20% of capital, U can even go with 10-5% or less of your total money amount.
Invest money only what you can afford to lose, tradings always have a risk to take your money away.
All Signals provided by Bot and this is not my advice, I just follow bot and give you info that you can Buy or Sell, but choice is Yours!
Chart realtime data from binance.com 2018.09.16 13:55 (local time)

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