Cryptocurrency, Bringing a Civilized or Barbarous Culture?


Cryptocurrency or virtual currencies or digital currencies are currently very busy discussed. For those who previously had been a miner Bitcoin of course this is not foreign anymore.

It is possible that there are still many people who only know Bitcoin because of its controversial news and a circular from Bank Indonesia about the existence of Cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

What is Cryptocurrency? I will not explain here because you can googling with seabrek article about it. And also the technology that runs Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, you can also search in google (to save writing space and I can write another side about this). This paper is not an economic observer, because I am not an economic observer. I will write it from the social-cultural side that exist in Indonesia today.

We all feel the development of technology today is very rapid, especially the digital world and the internet. Starting from the world of games that provide virtual money to buy game tokens, there began to create digital money that can be done as a purchase transaction.

Are all these technological developments good for life? Of course, from the socio-cultural side, there are many things that we should examine, including whether the technology will contribute to the development of an increasingly civilized culture or even to be barbaric.

Before I go on about the culture that will become more civilized or even be barbaric, let's look at the development of the original Indonesian cryptocurrency, at least that is the claim they give to the product.

In Indonesia alone, there are many who claim to have made the original digital currency of Indonesia, or the original cool term made the nation's child, 100% Indonesia. Okay, from this side of me as a child of the nation of course proud of Indonesia products that will compete in the international world.

Proudly dong, is not the nation's children. Especially later if this digital currency is brought to a civilized cultural change, especially Indonesia, then all the children of the nation must provide support for this.

I started from Indocoin. Indonesia also once had a 'bitcoin' creation of the nation's children, named Indocoin who claimed to be the first cryptocurrency in Indonesia. Indocoin was created by anonymous Naitpes.

Because the creation of the nation's children, the amount of Indocoin that can be mined is 19.45 billion, this is in accordance with the philosophy of Indonesia's independence year in 1945. Then there is a picture of Garuda which symbolizes Pancasila.

There is the name Oscar Darmawan. Maybe for those of you who mine at Bitcoin already know him, because he is known as one of the Bitcoin activists and introduce it in Indonesia.

Then Oscar made his own cryptocurrency which he claimed was a native Indonesia named Tokenomy. For the promotion of Tokenomy, Oscar also appealed to the nation's sense of nationalism with its slogan: "USING BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE NEW ECONOMY" - Cryptocurrency Technology Blockchain Anak Bangsa that can be used for various digital transactions in the future.

Then there is Dony, the original Tulungagung who makes Caya Future. Caya Future is also claimed as a native cryptocurrency of Indonesia which has the slogan: "Making Caya useful to the people and making Caya as Bitcoinnya Indonesia, Let Indonesia prosper with coinnya people of Indonesia."

Then there is Balicoin. Ie cryptocurrency that started circulating in Bali. The assumption is that many people in Bali are expected to develop digital money in Bali can be used and boost the economy there.

Steneum, the cryptocurrency which also claimed the original Indonesia with the team of developers are all original Indonesian.

The latest one is Cyronium. Cryptocurrency is also the same, namely claiming the original Indonesia. Just like the previous cryptocurrency, Cyronium also has a slogan of nationalism, which targets there will be 10,000 SME / Business in the relevant business field, which will be scaled-up through Cyronium.

It turns out the original Indonesian cryptocurrency is not just one, and maybe there's more I missed. From this side of course we are proud that Indonesia is also not left behind with the development of opportunities for this digital currency in the future.

Then how the impact of socio-cultural side in Indonesia or the world generally?

I will quote what Bill Gates once said on
Crypto-currencies are killing people in a "fairly direct way", Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said.

The main feature of crypto-currencies is their anonymity. I do not think this is a good thing. The government's ability to find money laundering and tax evasion and terrorist funding is a good thing.

We can, of course, agree with Bill Gates's disclosure, but of course we can make a reflection on social and cultural development.

Bill Gates said that this digital currency can instantly kill humans because the main feature of crypto currency is their anonymity and is very easy to use as money laundering and tax evasion and terrorist financing.

If you only see from the business investment side of course this is a chance that can be speculatively exploited. Maybe for some people who only think about profits and wealth, investing in cryptocurrency is a promising opportunity. And that is legitimate, because of all the risks that he himself will bear.

But what if we look from the other side, is whether the development of digital money is making a civilized culture or even be barbaric?

If, as Bill Gates said, in the blockchain system for cryptocurrency it is very easy to use for money laundering and tax evasion (because there is no tax) and can even be used as a fundraiser for anything, including terrorists.

Of course, this technology will be easily ridden by irresponsible interests because there is no local government intervention anywhere.

As a form of investment platform, of course the makers will say about security and investment guarantees in it. No investment makers want to lose in their products. Slogans, guarantees and confidence will be made to be ideal in the eyes of potential investors.

If you are only thinking about business, profits and wealth, then maybe the investment opportunities in cryptocurrency can be tried as new opportunities. And for those of you who want to review the development of technology with its relation to civilized culture, then you can also choose to protect the culture built on the basis of this noble civilization.

We certainly can not stem the progress and changes of this very rapid technology. But we can also choose wisely whether such developments lead to a civilized cultural change or will make a savage culture? Let us be the wise technological change actors.

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