Why Lead Wallet is the Next Big Thing

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Necessity, as we know, is the mother of invention. What happens when you have tasks to perform and there are no available tools? You either improvise and make available the tools to perform the task. This is true with the LEAD Wallet. Imagine the stress we have gotten used to navigating the world of crypto. Many newbies are lost in the sea and only a few persistent ones stay longer.

The cryptocurrency was supposed to take over most of the need for traditional financial institutions but it has not been the case as people still fall back to fiat because of the cumbersomeness associated with crypto. With your traditional banking account, you cannot easily send multiple transactions once, have multi signatories to an account, pay bills and so on. Most of these functions are still lacking with the few available cryptocurrency wallets and as well being difficult for end-users.


This is what makes Lead Wallet such promising crypto of 2020. The lead wallet is developing an ecosystem that will be able to cater to all user’s needs. From owning a secure cryptocurrency wallet with support for different Blockchains to sending transactions to multiple wallets at the same time with low transaction fees. A crypto wallet can also be co-owned and managed by more than one individual, requiring multiple signatures to authenticate transactions. This will be achieved by the Lead wallets multi Sig tool. Other solutions in the app include paying for utilities through the LeadPay, buying and selling directly from an exchange via the LeadEx, being able to swap your cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency via LeadSwap and staking of cryptocurrency through LeadStake.

These much-needed tools and an interface that is very user friendly will be hard to beat by any other cryptocurrency wallet currently available and thus making LEAD Wallet such a compelling cryptocurrency app.

Join Lead IEO on Emirex exchange on the 20th of April 2020. Further information about the IEO can be found on the website. Thank you for reading this blog.

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