YearnlandFinance ! DeFi Collaboration for growth!

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YearnlandFinance is an ERC-20 protocol project deployed on the Ethereum network for the purpose of decentralized finance. Decentralized finance is the trend, people get to access different financial products at the comfort of their homes. There is no need for banks, trustees, or filling of any document before people can access financial assistance. This has been made easy with the blockchain technology which is ever advancing in different spheres of human lives.
YearnlandFinance provides different financial experience such as: yVaults, yFarm, yZap, and yCover.

Difference between YearnlandFinance and other DeFi Platforms

⦁ Has numerous products for scalability purpose
⦁ The platform has its own native token for payment purpose
⦁ Developed by experts in DeFi
⦁ YearnlandFinance eliminates the fear of foul play through blockchain technology
⦁ YearnlandFinance platform can be accessed by anyone anywhere around the globe.

Why choose YearnlandFinance

⦁ YearnlandFinance leverages on the blockchain open-source system.
⦁ YearnlandFinance offers different DeFi product services
⦁ You can access the platform from the comfort of your home
⦁ As a DeFi user, you can develop and launch your own DeFi products on the YearnlandFinance platform
⦁ You can utilize the YearnlandFinance open source code to develop a DeFi product

YearnlandFinance targets a billion-dollar market at its infancy which shows there is profit to be made being an early adopter of the YearnlandFinance platform.