What is cryptocurrency? Beginners need to know very well!!

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Cryptocurrency is a type of symbolic currency. Which has no real form? It exists only in the internet world. Using transactions is possible only online. Whose activities are completed in a protected process called cryptography? Since 2017, it has become an emerging marketer.


Cryptocarbon is a kind of peer-to-peer system. The third party has no control over it. So who does anyone else know about who is exchange this digital coin? It can also be traded with identity without keeping the identity confidential. However, its encrypted laser controls all transactions from being risky. No country's government has the power to interfere with the value of crypto conferences. So, in many countries of the world, there is a restriction of the government on this digital currency.


In general, when we send money to someone, then we can help the bank. Again, if the bank is not open, send mobile banking (bKash, Rocket, UCash) or in many cases through courier and post office. Service providers earn service charges for completing this process. But in cryptocurrencies, there is no need for a third party. So there is no additional charge. But there is a minimum charge. To make it easier to understand, some of the services of AP-based services are called. Many times the mobile is used in My GP, My Robi or Dington, Cam Scan. Once these points are recharged through them, then they can buy the data. Point of view is also seen in advertisements. After that point, talking and cloud space is available using that point.


In 1983, American cryptographer David Choum started working on the issue of money transfer in digital means through cryptographic method. Whose name is e-cash In 1995, he continued to implement the initial form of a cryptographic electronic payment through decischet. Afterward, the software allows the sender to receive the specific encrypted keys input after the input. However, this money is not like a currency operated by a state (money, dollar, pound, dinar). Full unstable points. But Satoshi Nakamoto (no person or group) successfully launches digital cash payments without central entity. Which is known as Bitcoin?


Because of the cryptocurrency, the unincorporated currency. Go to the recipient directly from the sender via the peer-to-peer system. Therefore, its exchange system is different.


Wallet online wallet. These are two types of online and offline. The sender may send money from this wallet. And the receiver can enter his wallet. Each wallet has a specific encrypted address.


It is recorded in an encrypted laser or open account to send cryptocurrency from one address to another address. Called blockchain. The information gathered here is possible from anywhere in the world.


Meinig is called the legalization of each transaction recorded in the blockchain. Those who do this work are called miners. There is no possibility of fraud. Identity is confidential on both sides.


The fastest process of transactions.
Each user owns its digital currency. Someone else can not take ownership of it.
A user can open several accounts. These do not require name, address or personal information.
There is no scope for bankruptcy to be seen from anywhere in the world on the information collected from Blockchain.
It is completely offensive. Cannot get back from the wrong address.


On 20 February 2014, the first Bitcoin ATM booth opened in the United States in the establishment of Robocoin. There is such an ATM booth in Austin and Texas, but its scanners can read passports and driving licenses. As of September 2012, 1574 Bitcoins ATMs were set up all over the world. At an average 9.05%, average 3 ATMs were installed on the BITCOIN ATM.


Cryptocurrency is very popular for many online Transaction in the world. More than 30,000 companies like Utopia, Wordpress, Microsoft, and Cryptocarbon accept.


The cost of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. Because of the price increase, accounting experts believe that it requires strong computers and servers to be mined. Has electricity costs


There is no archive for cryptocurrency protection. So if you do not have a backup, then data crashes through computer crashes. There are threats to hacking and malware attacks. There are fears of theft of digital money. In the 34-year history, so far 40 more victims have been stolen, Bitcoin.

So be careful, but it is very profitable market-What do you say?


                                                           ''THANKS CRYPTO LOVER''

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