Quadrant Protocol - Blockchain based Data Sharing Platform

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Improvement in technologies, advancement of business operations and the development of various industrial sectors could lead us to one question that how things are happening so fast?


There was a time when the things will take years of planning for its development and still it could not reach the masses and the customer satisfaction level was very low. The one important thing that has reduced the wide gap between the customers and the business organizations is the feedback. The word feedback can be defined as the information about the reactions to a product or the information which can be used as the basis for improvement. Feedback about the customer satisfaction, customer needs has become an important means of the survival of the business organizations Traditional way of the development and customer satisfaction has been replaced by a method where the output is considered for the modification of input. This customer reaction based data lays the basis for the business analytical process so that they get to know about the requirements of the customers and how it can be fulfilled. So, the improvement of the business depends a lot on the data related to the customer feedback and the needs of a customer. Currently, larger business organizations are somehow managing to get the desired data by spending a lot of money on getting this data from various sources. This tells us how the data related to customers or people spurs growth in various sectors. At present, there are no valid sources of data for business organizations, institutions or individuals which can tell them about the customer reactions and if there are any sources, they can't be trusted because of zero existing methods to give the proof of origin. Keeping all these things in mind a platform known as Quadrant Protocol which will be based on blockchain technology has been developed to solve the data availability issues for the business organizations. The data provided will not only be shared through this platform but also a platform for valid data sharing will come into existence.

BlockChain Lays The Basis Of Working


One of the biggest innovations of the century is the blockchain technology. This technology first got it's hype after bitcoin crisis which was only a few cents in 2010 reached over 15000 USD. People started to believe in digital currency as the future of the world with many countries starting to consider it as the currency of the world. Bitcoin is so famous today that even a small kid knows about it and considers it as the missed opportunity of the life. This is because even if a kid would have invested his pocket money in bitcoin 7 years back, he would have been a millionaire today. Blockchain basically records digital transactions with complete transparency. This technology is now being used as the basis of development for many ideas and we can also say that Quadrant Protocol definitely is one of them. The main aim of the Quadrant Protocol is to find the authentic data and then share it with the business organizations and other institutions who need it. In the process of keeping the data authentic and sharing the same blockchain plays an important role. The working model of the Quadrant Protocol will help to retain the data as a valid one and the proof of the source of data will be known. This means we will be able to know the proof of origin of data as it flows from source to sink. The blockchain technology as already discussed is completely transparent, transactions are recorded in a transparent manner, this will help to make Quadrant Protocol fair platform to associate with. The platform will be giving incentives to all data producers, vendors, and the receivers too. This makes the system a fair one which produced and shares accurate data to fulfill the data requirements.

Where Can Quadrant Protocol Be Useful To Us


  • One of the greatest achievements of this platform is the introduction of the Elons. These will work as the innovators and the ideas from Elons will help to solve the major problems which are coming up in the development of new technologies or they can be used for finding various solutions that are needed to support some big innovations.

  • Fluctuations of the market is the key for the operation of traders related to the stock market or the crypto market, Elons can be used to analyse the market and the traders can use it for bigger profits .

  • In the age of robotics and modern way of operating devices such as machine learning and artificial intelligence this platform can become the basis of improvement in various sectors and could lead to many future wonders such as auto handling of cars, mobile phones and other devices which are important for any individual now a days.

  • The business competitiveness is a very wide concept, the different organisations are competing to satisfy the customers in the best possible way, accurate data will clearly explain the tastes and preferences shared by the customers and the data will be available to every type of organization, be it small or big. This will encourage new start-ups and give a push to new and old entrepreneurs.

Token Sale for eQuad


There is a fair system in place for incentive sharing and all the stakeholders have been considered. The Quadrant platform is going to use Quad tokens as the utility token of the platform. For being able to use the platform we require to have Quad Tokens. Quadrant Protocol is a well planned project and will provide quality services for its clients. Token Sale is going to continue till the 26th of July. Be a part of this promising project and visits the links below for further help.

Further Links

Bitcointalk ANN 
Bitcointalk Bounty 

Token Sale - 26th June to 26th July.


What a great platform for data sharing. Great to know about this.

Yes exactly it is the breakthrough in the data economy.

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