Quadrant Protocol - Platform for Legitimate Data Requirements

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The overall business of the world is very competitive and the ones who adapt to this competitive nature of working are the ones who succeed. To run a successful business set up an organisation must be able to fulfill the needs of the customer. The tastes and the preferences of the customers should be known. The difference in the cultures and lifestyles of the people should be analysed by having the idea of all the things which can possibly affect the business in multiple ways. Organisations can decide on how the services and products have to be offered. To analyse the major requirements and the needs of the customer a research has to be conducted where the organisations can get feedback from the customers or where we can get access to the personal data of the customers. Data brokerage is one of the highest rated business opportunities in the world as it is due to the data vendors companies get access to data which tells them about the needs and wants of the customer. Consumer data is thus considered as a resource for the companies that can help them to make profits by offering right products and services to right people and at the right time. This resource however faces some shortcomings as the sharing sharing of data is not properly structured and thus the reliability of the existing system is very low. Companies would want to analyse and meet the needs of customers but at the same time they must be sure of the data that has been provided to them by data vendors. There is minimum guarantee of this consumer data to be genuine. This could lead to huge losses to the organisations or even put an end to to business units running on small scale. Demand for refined data is increasing everyday as it is used by organisations or other data consumers to achieve profitable results. The platform known as as Quadrant has come up as the solution for legitimate data. Quadrant has understood and analysed the shortcomings of the existing data market and has come up with a platform which accommodates all parties that are important for the functionality of the data market. The goal is to enable access, creation and distribution of data as enriched data and services lay the basis to the increased productivity and inflated profits.

What brought Quadrant Protocol into Existence


Data Industry has found its scope in every type organisation. Large as well as small organisations are in the the need of accurate data, However the data provided to them has not been reliable in many ways. Larger Enterprises have found it easier to get access to the data warehouses where as the smaller groups have failed to do so, If we think of any big companies which lay the basis for technological development in the world, even they depend on data accuracy an efficient feedback resources. The data which is provided by the data providers is very costly as the data brokerage business has crossed billions of dollars and still enough measures have not been taken to make the the industry a structured one. Costly data is not the only shortcoming but the data being inaccurate and less reliable is the bigger cause of concern. Data vendors cannot be trusted completely as the industry looks like it is more interested in money over quality and that could be a reason for companies being handed over with repetative data from various sources. The data vendors and data consumers are the only parties that are currently considered as the main parts of the data industry. Data producers (generators) are not considered in the existing system but it should be noted that they play a major role by producing the data. All these limitations of the existing data industry has lead to the development of new platform known as Quadrant Protocol where the Cost, Reliability, Transparency, Efficiency of the data industry are integrated in a proper structure to reform the industry with Decentralized Data using Blockchain technology.

Structure Of Quadrant Protocol


The structure of the Quadrant platform will depend on three important blocks.

  1. Data Producers ( Nurseries )
  2. Data Vendors (Pioneers)
  3. Elons

The important thing that we need to discuss here is the involvement of the 'Elons' something we have not heard about before. Elons have been termed as 'Brightest Minds' by the Quadrant Team and can be considered as a feature which can change the whole data market. Elons have been assigned a job where they have to gather data from pools of data. These pools of data are known as Constellations or Data Smart Contracts. The data which has been taken from some specific pools is brought together so that it is accessible and used for proper business operations.


Nurseries will produce the data and this data will be stamped publicly to give the data source and the history of the data. This data will then be forwarded to the Pioneers which take the responsibility of not only sharing the data to the Customers but also it is the duty of the pioneers to confirm the transmission of data to data consumers. Data consumers then confirm if the data sent to them is authentic or not. This is the simple trajectory of the data flow. Elons have an extraordinary function which could lead to world changing ideas. Depending upon the requirements and problems of the organisation, the data from different sources will be grouped together and can come up with an idea which can solve different business related problems of the organisations.

Token Sale


There is a fair system in place for incentive sharing and all the stakeholders have been considered. The Quadrant platform is going to use Quad tokens as the utility token of the platform. For being able to use the platform we require to have Quad Tokens. Quadrant Protocol is a well planned project and will provide quality services for its clients. Token Sale is going to continue till 26th of July. Be a part of this promising project and visits the links below for further help.

Further Links

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