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The increase in the demand for accurate data to solve most of the problems that we experience daily has resulted in developers thinking of a platform which helps sharing of accurate data from valid sources. The data can be called as accurate when we know the sources of data and when we have the proof of authentication. Demand for data has been increasing with every year with more and more people being socially connected through internet and it's various interfaces. Data is now being used by business organisations throughout the world to mould their products and services in accordance to the needs of the customers. The process is simple, in order to make their products and services successful in the market they try to know their customers and their needs. This gives the start up or even the existing business organization the edge over other competitors because they get to sell all their products and services in the environment where the customers were looking forward to buy something like that. This data about customers and their needs is transferred by data vendors. The business of data vendors has seen a big rise from last couple of years as majority of the companies plan and develop their product and services purely based on the data provided by the data vendor. The data that is being provided to them can't be accurate every time because of the source being unknown and no technique available to give the proof of authentication. Keeping these things in mind and understanding the importance of accurate data for the companies a new term of developers have come up with a great project known as Quadrant Protocol. Quadrant Protocol plans on eradicating means of sharing adulterated data to the companies . It's is coming up with an interface for the companies where they will get accurate data with known sources and proof of authentication. They can get data about a specific product or service and at the same time they will be sure about the data being accurate.

What Is Quadrant


If we think about the lay out of the data proceeding it will start by something that produces the data and the one which shares this data and eventually the sink or the companies that will use this data . Data processors are the ones who produce the data or feedback to the products or the services offered . Data vendors are the ones who transfer the data from the producers to the organizations who need this data. Currently, in the data industry data vendor are taking most of the share of the profits as they get this data at very cheap rates from producers and then they sell it off at higher prices to the business organizations with no source identification or authentication. This is the reason that the business of data Brokerage has seen an exponential rise in last few years. The companies on the other hand need this data and pay the data vendor in huge amount so that they can compete with their competitors in the market. Presently this data market is favouring data vendors with their work being limited to transfer data from data producers to business organisations with no proof of origin and yet they are the ones making profit. Data producers are not able to do much about it and companies cant help it even if the data is inaccurate. Quadrant will bring these three building blocks i.e producers , vendors, companies on one platform . By this the source of the data will be known and the proof of authenticity and origin will exist. The companies will get accurate data which will be shared to them by data vendors . This will result in proper analysis of market by the companies and the product and services will be molded as per the actual requirement of the people. The data producers will be known as Nurseries and the data vendors as Pioneers of the system. Accurate data resources for industries dealing with artificial intelligence can shape the future of the world. Robotics and other machines learning operations will be in need of accurate data to work effectively.

Let's Enlist The Benefits


  • Present market totally neglects the work done by the data producers, data produced by them in the system will benefit them as well as the market. The sources of data will be known to the companies.
  • Data vendors will now get to transfer accurate data by shunning ways to use fraudulent data and adopting Quadrant.
  • Companies will get the data with known sources and proof of authentication. They can find data from specific fields.
  • Overall profits of the system will be shared equally among users of the system and the system will be using Tokens.
  • Accurate data will lead to huge profits to organisations and the products and services will be as desired by a customer.
  • Elons a new addition to the system which chooses bits of data from various pools and gives the resultant data as the remedy for greater problems faced by organisations. It's innovative ideas can give a company the motivation to work for society and their needs.

eQUAD Token System

Quadrant which is a remunerative platform uses tokens to give away rewards to people for completion of different tasks assigned. The tokens are legitimate utility tokens given for usage of Quadrant platform. Various transaction are made possible with these tokens. The net value of this token is affected directly by its usage i.e more the usage more is the value. This implies that the earlier one gets these tokens the more he will get benefited.Quadrant is advantageous in many ways. It provides great deal of employment to people with potential on fair basis with proper benefits. It is the solution to data crisis in areas that are digital based. It is a versatile platform , even though it's Ethereum based it can adapt any other blockchain based system.

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