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Even when the literacy rates of the countries are improving every year, the employment and the ways to employ people have been decreasing. The number of qualified people are increasing and the jobs are decreasing. Employers have a difficult task to perform which is to find the right person for the right job. They not only check the professional qualifications but are also provided with the details about his skills and personality so that the employers get the idea of how the applicant can serve the organisation. The process of recruitment and deployment of the staff is not easy. Employers first figure out how many positions are vacant and then they can go for direct recruitment through different methods of interviews. The number of the applications can be in hundreds or thousands which are then shortlisted. Finally the employers use their sources to check and verify the details filled by the applicants in their application forms. This will definitely consume more time as applicants are from different regions of country or even from other countries which means the verification of the credentials of these applicants won't be easy and will consume time. It will also lead to inflated expenses for the organisation to check about the validity of the achievements and quality of a person's background. Job seeker's have indulged in forgery and have come up with qualifications through fraudulent methods. So the need for the attestation of these qualifications by different institutions remains to be important. A new platform which is taking the responsibility of attestation of these credentials and bringing Various institutions together is known as SpringRole.

SpringRole Platform

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I mentioned few things above which included attestation, expenditure, time and these are the things that have to be considered before we can plan to create a platform which works as an interface for the employers and employees. Another important thing that has to be considered is the transparency of the working structure of the platform. The latter part is fulfilled by bringing a great technology which lays basis for the development of this playform. Blockchain technology is used by the SpringRole which will include a token based system. SpringRole focuses on creating an attestation platform for the employers so that they get verified and attested resumes from job seekers. Token used will reduce the cost and will take in account both the employers and the employees. Universities and other institutions will be included in the system and the whole ecosystem will be tokenised or we can say that it will be digitalised.

Function Of Spring Token

One important feature of this system will be the reduction in costs of attestation of the application forms and also incentivizing the job seekers who will provide their valid data to the platform. This means the job applicants will be rewarded in the form of tokens. Employers will also be rewarded because they will need to get the attested forms which can be considered for job hiring. The universities and institutions will continue to verify the data which will be provided to them as they will be a part of the system. The verification of their qualifications will not be different from the existing one but the token will be used which reduced the cost, overall time period and improves efficiency and profits of an organisation. Transparency is another huge benefit because only valid and identified users will be the part of this system which means the system keeps everything in balance and proper measures are already taken to make it beneficial for every pillar of the ecosystem.

Some Benefits

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  • Employers will be able to hire proper and efficient workers with attested qualifications and handy skill sets. This will lead to the increase in efficiency of workers and result in increasing output.

  • Deserving candidates will be chosen as the system will put and end to the fraudulence and candidates with forged resumes.

  • The standard of working and the lifestyle of the qualified, educated people will improve. This will be more of help to organisation and the society.

  • Reduction in the cost and time for the process of attestation in small and big firms will speed up the process of hiring and upgrade the system of recruitments.

  • The overall transparency of the platform will be enhanced as the users will be identified which will mean they will need to complete their KYC's before being an active participant.

  • It is an Universal platform as it focuses on not only making the system digital but also universal by including employers, employees , universities and other institutions in it.

Spring token will be on sale from 1st July. There are also various bounty programs available to participate in. Support the project to make things corruption free when it comes to employment procedures and recruitments.

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