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With the overall development of the employment industry, new challenges are there which have to be overcome by the employers working for the organisations. The process of recruitment of trainees is very easy to understand as it works in a very simple way. The process starts with either direct or indirect communication of the two parties i.e, either the employers representing the organisation are in direct contact with the job seekers or they are in contact with each other through a third party. An important part of this process is to review the application forms of the job applicants. Job applicants apply for the jobs only when they fulfill the criterion for jobs. The basic criterion for the jobs are the professional qualifications such as Masters in Engineering Sciences, Masters in Business Administration etc. and also the work experience which is needed to perform the job on a regular basis. To select the right candidate for the right job the qualification and work experience of the applicant should be legit. Currently, Organisations opt for verification or we can say the attestation of the documents of the job applicant manually which is costly and time consuming. The attestation of the credentials filled in by the job applicants is a forever thing now as the world is turning into a place where people choose ways to falsify their professional credential experience to work in reputed companies. The process of attestation lays basis for the organisations to come in direct contact with the universities or other institutions offering certifications to various courses to check if the job applicants had been a part of it and whether the course was a regular one. This makes the process a difficult and costly one which is also time consuming. A new platform based on blockchain has considered all these hardships faced by the companies in the attestation process and created a new platform know as SpringRole.


The platform that believes in putting an end to these time consuming processes which usually requires experts and lot of involvement of consultants and other parties so that the authenticity of the applicant's resume is achieved. Also the whole system will be tokenised to make the system cost efficient.

Universal Verification Of Qualifications


It is already mentioned above that how important it has become to verify the credentials filled in the application forms and how it has now become a part of the job selection process. SpringRole platform will be a universal one which means that the platform will offer it's services to the employers working for the organisation, employees who are seeking jobs and the universities including other institutions and course givers. All of these parties will be on the SpringRole as registered parties. The organisations will register with the SpringRole platform to hunt for qualified job seekers who are fulfilling the job requirements. The job seekers will register to the platform and give the proof of the identity. This way SpringRole will be able to know it's customers. The details filled in by the job seekers will then be verified by the universities, other institutions which will work on behalf of the SpringRole. The important thing that makes this system reliable and transparent is the use of Spring Tokens. Employer will be able to demand the verification of the employee using the Spring token and then it will be the duty of the SpringRole platform to facilitate the process and get the credentials attested for the employer. The balance which is brought into play by the SpringRole is highly appreciable. It is the platform which has equally considered the employers and employees. If employees will be able to find jobs through this platform based on their genuine qualifications and work experiences, the employers will not only be able to find the best in-store for them but also it reduces the involvement into verification processes completely. This saves them from putting more men into verification processes and also helps to keep the process very transparent which otherwise was not possible. The cost that was associated with the verification processes will be reduced due to the use of Spring Token. The employees hired will be highly qualified and will have unique skills to perform the job according to the will of the organisation. This means that the overall profits of the organisation will be increased because of the benefits of the platform in the longer run. The platform is so promising to me that I think most of the organisations will like to adopt this in their working processes as the benefits are too many.

Token Sale


A token system is already being set up, this will help the verified users to transact in the platform using spring tokens. Additional tokens can be received by referring an organisation or other job seekers to the system. These earned tokens through referral program can be used for further transactions through SpringToken such as verification of resume. The sale of the Spring Token has already started from 1st of July and they will need more investors to make the system functional. I would like to see huge number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to take part in this token sale as the system promises to eradicate Various issues regarding the employment and the recruitment procedures.

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There is more scope for new startups in India but RBI and govt. is just killing the future of ctypto in India. Now i am in a dillema as of now whether i should invest in ICO or not.

I agree but I also believe that stopping us from the future of currency wont stop the digital currency market from growing. So continue with your plans.

I hope they understand it and regulate it as soon as possible.

I am hoping for the same, meanwhile you can check this great ICO! I like the overall idea of this token.

yeah sure i will check it out

Well structured post. Good going