Ten Days With Brock Pierce: EOS, Puerto Rico, Giving Away His Entire Crypto Fortune, and Burning Man Meets Blockchain

As you all know, from the Steemit article I wrote in Rolling Stone, I've started covering crypto and blockchain for the magazine whenever I can. Today, we broke new ground there, and did the first major profile of someone who is arguably the most interesting and controversial person in that space:

Brock Pierce, who recently made the Forbes crypto richest list and has pledged to give away a billion dollars to charity through a token he's creating called One.

In today's market, that's actually more than his fortune. Pretty unprecedented.

You can read the full article here:



And, as always, I'm going to be doing something expanded and special for Steemit.

In this case, we captured almost the entire experience on camera: 60 hours of video.

So I'm going to work with Kai Bickle Nygard, who filmed it all, to turn the footage into something great for DTube.

In the meantime, let me know your notes, thoughts, and reactions.

And let me know any recommendations on who to cover next...


Satoshi Nakamoto?


It's so great to see you posting here again Neil! You have been missed :)

In my opinion, behind the scenes is such a trail blazing aspect in this era because of the value it offers to the reader/viewer... Everyone loves to see how a story develops, how a piece of content - or even project - is created, and thank you so much for doing that :)

P.S: Such an excellent article btw, and on those lines my recommendation would probably be Roger Ver (Personally I would prefer Dan, and especially knowing more about his vision, drive, his dreams of changing the world, his universal basic income ideas..etc ).

But maybe for the readers Roger Ver could be a fascinating story how he went from being the Bitcoin Jesus to one of the most controversial figures to some, just because he's trying to stay true to Satoshi's vision and his struggle as well.

More importantly, I think that a humanized profile of Roger would be good for the crypto community in an era where it's easy to label people as hero or heel... But at the end of the day, everyone is working on a similar goal :)

Good call - he’s on my list of top possibilites along with Dan. And thanks for getting it: It’s aboit humanizing people who others turn one-dimensional.

Dan would be pretty interesting - What would be pretty cool, would be getting different philosophies from these heavy-weights.

For example, Dan's thoughts on decentralisation vs Vitalik's. Obviously STEEM's founder would be a good interview too.

hey @neilstrauss: My top interview candidates would be:

  1. Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum founder (crypto unicorn)
  2. Jackson Palmer - Dodgecoin founder (fun guy who still posts online)
  3. Ted Livingston - Kin founder (just a project i like)

Keep it up!

Given @neilstrauss’s unique style and background of interviewing rock stars, that could be a very interesting interview with Vitalik - quite different than the dime-a-dozen technical-focused one from conventional crypto reporters...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: This type of behind-the-scenes content (what you have planned for DTube) is what Steemit desperately needs. I always enjoy your quality writing. I'm about halfway through with a cup of coffee. I, especially, love this:

To spend time with Pierce is to experience a new form of doing business... “I’m normally running three to 10 meetings at a time,” Pierce says. “I just pile them all up. I have no schedule and everybody just kind of meets at the same time. It sometimes makes people who are really important in their minds very uncomfortable ."

I'll send you an Instagram DM with a few more thoughts once I've gotten through the full article.

@NeilStrauss and I will get the content out soon on Dtube - Excited to have just joined steemit - Kai Bickle Nygard

I agree. Me and @rulesforrebels were talking about that type of thing before as well. Right now no one can really do longer form content or documentaries for the STEEM blockchain. If original content could truly be sponsored and published here then more people would come.

Right now it is a total crap shoot to try to get the delegated power upvotes so it almost makes more sense to just post random pictures 50 times / day on here.

Excited to hear that you want to see that type of footage. I really agree with you and because Neil and Brock were both open to it, we were able to get content that makes u feel like ur right there throughout the journey

Puerto Rico my favourite place

Ke Xu!

That would be really interesting!

Would be nice if you guys could catch up, she is regularly seen in the ONO English group on telegram: https://t.me/ONOUS

Why not @ned?

Interviewed @ned for the Steemit story. Definitely worth a follow up.

Indeed, he's become a little more public lately, so it'll be interesting to see if/how he's changed through your eye's.

I just looked at your oldest posts out of boredom wondering if I was reading the numbers wrong, clicked around in the comment sections for a while, recognized a bunch of people and stories I'd only heard about before, and goddamn is it some level of schadenfreude or what to see people messaging other people memos like, "hey you can right your actions plz come back," to people who ghosted the platform after receiving their one-off paydays.

Not saying your posts were bad or anything, you even got a little earnest when you were telling people to remember what they really wanted to do when they were young, but holy shit anyone who can say that superlinear voting and the premine distribution wasn't a broken as hell combo from day 1 in regards to the necessary starting foundation for building an actual social media site's content base with a straight face is an ape. Didn't do anything but force everyone to cater to the wishes of a handful of people with incredibly out-of-touch tastes in the modern social media world, and guaranteed that the only people who would be interested in the place at all would be those willing to clamor over one another for that fast money life.

Haven't read any of your books, I enjoyed your interview with the Overstock guy, Musky boy is turning out to be quite the douche on twitter, and I hope you have a nice day.

Oh, and why the fuck would you start a book club with Ulysses. Really wanted people to work hard for those steem bucks huh.

Have you ever interviewed John McAfee? He’s nuts, but I’m sure he’d be fun to talk to.

Ya he's a real Mother Teresa. Come on

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Always tread with caution. Brock Pierce is NOT Jesus, but thinks he is. He has all the hallmarks of a narcissist....Beware! DYOR....

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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Hi Neil!
I can invite you to Switzerland... so you can interview me... Steemitri The Mannequin the first, unique, plastic-fantastic mannequin-blogger-influencer... It's the only one in the whole Galaxy ;-)
Have a great day!
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Will see if Plastic Rolling Stone is interested :)

Haha thanks :-)
Will wait for the Brock Pierce Dtube video ;-)
Great choice!

Great interview Mr. @neilstrauss

Thank you for taking the time to explore the depths of such a fascinating person.

After reading suggestions from the community, I began to think about how you might be able to stay on the edge with your interviews and I just felt like throwing a couple of names out there.

I really like Dan, but he is a very humble and may not offer us the thrill we are seeking through the eyes of your subject. Vitalik is awesome, but I have seen him many times on camera and off. So who does that leave us?

There is one person who seems to fascinate the crypto community in a catch-me-if-you-can sorta way.

Zhao Changpeng

In my opinion, It's the greatest untold story next to uh, you know... what's his name? Nakamoto something or other but good luck finding him :)

@neilstrauss guess who just got on... let’s make some DTube magic and share the Brock Experience exclusively with the steemit community !

Super interesting article. I didn't realize he was involved in the video game industry.

or that Steve Bannon was!

Great RS story! What a character. McAfee would be a colorful interview. Szabo would also be great as well as Andreas. Maybe some of the more institutional guys who are into it like Mike Novogratz or Tim Draper. The Winklevoss twins too.

Those are all fascinating (and mostly controversial) characters! Adding to the list.

@NeilStrauss McAfee would be really interesting to hang with for a week


Respect. 👊🙌

There’s been so much controversy around Pierce... this piece pretty much sums everything up. Brilliantly. As in, no more need for gossip - all cleared up, let’s carry on like gentlemen and get to business. Golden.

And that video coverage must be amazing. Quite a dTube treat when it drops. 😎

Re: who to cover next...

David Kam of Earth Dollar would be great at some point, as it’s quite a fascinating and ambitious project. (That and Tauchain are the top 2 most interesting blockchain ventures I’ve come across since Steemit two years ago).

@rok-sivante I love your comment


Looking forward to see some/more of what you’ll be publishing here, especially that content with Strauss... 😎

(And welcome to Steemit, BTW, Kai.)

yo, I saw some of that video footage from down in Puerto Rico, had popped up on the YouTube recommendations...

AWESOME stuff!

Very professionally-done, amazing quality. And very inspiring.

Quite looking forward to more.

Keep up the good work, you guys are committed to truly outstanding service... 🙏😇💖

I am glad he is doing what he is doing. At the same time there are people not liking him at all in there, they speak that it's a form of colonialism, that they go there because of the tax benefits and not because they really want to help and so on.. source

True. And that’s a very important and nuanced discussion worth having! Thanks for bringing it up.

I Just love Puerto Rico

Time to visit again - see when they’re doing their next Restart conference there, would be a great time.

Do you know when the One token will drop?

There working on the whitepaper still. And planning to make an announcement on where things are at on 8/8/18.

What's the One token? I couldn't find a google link for it.

Great post. Thank you for sharing the insight.

I think it’s great charity is gonna be helped :)

100% Real And its Right

Eso es progreso verdadero

Great info!

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I would love to hear more from Tony Churyumoff, creator of Byteball Bytes. He's a soft-spoken man, but brilliant (obviously) and his coin--more specifically its android app and website, binarybytes, where you can literally wager real crypto, quickly and easily against the top 10 cryptos on short futures-- is the most exciting thing i've seen since steemit itself.

Podria regalarme algo, no? XD

Interesting read.!

hehe pretty good but he could give me a little, and seriously, he has a gesture and I admire him

Alguien de sur america? jaja

The guys... @Dan or @Ned :)

I think @stackin should be interviewed. He is a mystery up there in Vegas! :-)

Let's the redistribution of income fall on us!! on all of us we have upvoted this post!! hahahaha

I'm new 2 the Steam Community, and you look like a very interesting person to follow. Nice article.

Thanks - and velkommen!

Looking mini gold Berg ;)

An interesting interview would be Chrystia Freedland who is Canada's foreign minister. She used to work for the Financial Times in London. While she was there did a video interview in September 2007 with Richard Syron who was the head of Freddie mac. This was just before the crash. The interview was done so well and so subtly that Syron, suggested in so many words, that the market was askew and a series of massive frauds had occurred. As the interview progressed Syron got sweatier and sweatier. the crash started within the month.

To be in a powerful position with real financial knowledge is really unusual.

Awesome work here. Have you interviewed Charles Hoskinson. yet from ADA Cardano? If not, that would be fascinating. Sorry if you have already, I'm really new to Steemit, but not new to crypto. Peace Be Unto You!

I haven’t - good call! And welcome to Steemit.

I've seen Brock for the first time on Ivan on Tech live stream, when EOS main net was launched. He spoke about cryptos, blockchain, and EOS. Seems like Brock P. ir a very cool guy, I'm glad that such young enterpreneurs are expanding the technologies, and getting involved in good causes.

Wim Hof would make a great article.

Interview Synth from Skycoin, he's a sound bite machine. Super smart, very weird, and can go on forever. There are some wild stories coming out of that corner.

Hello Dears

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Here is an interesting character. Nick Spanos Co-Founder of Zap. Started the NYC Bitcoin Center next to Wall St and also just got Diddy as a partner. You would be hard pressed to find someone who believes in crypto currency and blockchain technology more than him. I can get you an intro if you like.

Kindly check my article
user name -abhishekabhi07

comments your views ..

Very cool Neil, thank you. I'm diving into it now. He's definitely a complex figure that deserves the king of perspective that only some one like you can provide with clarity and accuracy.

As for other figures I would say Nick Szabo, @Clifhigh. I'd love to hear a conversation between you and Clif!
Or if we're talking Steem blockchain my dudes from the #SteemPhilly Crew @yabapmatt - who builds amazing projects like @steembottracker and @SteemMonsters and @knircky who's a super-savey crypto educator and investor and runs @steembounty. Both great guys who are doing great things for Steem and the crypto world. Please check em out.

Will keep an eye out for the videos. That's gotta be the crypto/blockchain equivalent of your time from The Game. :)

The Videos are coming !

Thanks for saying that. And that's exactly it, and why he makes a great candidate for an in-depth profile. Will look into your recommendations now!

Fascinating look at a public, but mysterious figure. Nice to see you posting again!

Thanks, been busy with that story and a few others, plus a missing persons investigation I'll fill you all in on.

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