Which cryptocurrency is good to invest in?

In the last months the popularity of cryptocurrencies grew eksponentially, which we can see by the growth in the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies:

If you have invested your money in crypto 5-6 months ago, there's a very big chance that you have made profits 10 times bigger than your invested amount.

But the problem with the 95% of cryptocurrencies is that they are very very volatile. This means that today you can make a profit of 50% and tomorrow you can make a loss of 80%. So the key here is to find those currencies, that have a solid background, which will help them to grow on the long run, for many years and not just for some months.

One of these currencies is for sure XAURUM!


This is the first cryptocurrency backed by real, physical gold. Xaurum is unique because it has a growing gold base. This means that after every investment in Xaurum, there's more gold backing each and every Xaurum token.

For more info about this coin click here!
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Here is also a video which can help you understand what Xaurum is!

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Look @patelincho this is something for you. Hope you like the content!

Been waiting on coins to come out backed by gold, I see some real issues with this as typically institutions that back their currency with gold often "HAVE" gold on hand. I highly doubt this group will be able to sustain the gold on hand to match the currency output from it's blockchain. I also am not 100% certain i want my crypto tied to the price of gold which is much more conservative. Either way, interesting article

@brutalboris thanks for the reply. Can you explain me what do you mean with "gold on hand"?
Xaurum is not 100% tied to the price of gold, because it has a growing gold base. What does this mean? For example if you have bought 1 coin excatly 1 year ago, you would pay for it 0,05$ and in this price you would get 0,01 $ of gold. Today each coin has 0,06$ of gold behind and the market price is between 0,22$ and 0,3$. This basically means that the price of coin can't fall under 0,06$, because the gold is backing this price. So once the gold exceeds your investment you basically can't lose any more, you can only make additional profits.
How is this possible is explained in detailes here :)

"because the gold is backing this price" means that they are backing the value with Gold they have. Backing the value of the coin to just the "value" of gold is pretty much useless honestly. And if you are suggesting gold quantities will continue to grow, that is true to a very minimal extent. There is a limited amount of gold to be found on earth, and as the population grows there will be less to go around per person.
Kinda makes sense but kinda doesn't as well. Either way, interesting approach and I will keep an eye on it.

Who am I?

The price of 1 Xaurum consists of approximately 20% of gold and 80% supply and demand from the market. Currently all Xaurum coins are backed with just 129kg of gold, so they are still in the very beggining. Every kg of gold that is being added is pushing the price of Xaurum coin up. And this is the real beuty of this coin, because it has a real and constantly growing value. Currently Xaurum is arround 80th position on coinmarketcap and with a very big potential, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it :)

The problem you are not getting is when you say "backed by" you literally mean they have gold stored away, and they do not. You can not "back" a currency by something you do not own... sorry, but I'm afraid you are not understanding.

Who am I?

How do you mean they do not own?
Of course they do. The gold is from Nadir, one of the biggest raffinery of gold in the world (if not the biggest) and it is stored in Loomis (the biggest company in the world which stores gold). And if Xaurum holder wants to receive the gold in his/hers hand, he/she can get it. See the pictures :)



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Thanks! Onwards and upwards! :)

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Interesting article. Really appreciate you bring this to our attention. I strongly advice people to only buy in to cryptos that have a solid background: A solid team, product, advisors, preferably VC investors, etc. Sell all cryptos that don't have this solid background. It's a waiste of money. Do you know this interesting site? Every single coin can be analysed here based on: the team, the product, advisors, community, the business and the business model and much more. For example: To watch Xaurum Detailed analysis.