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RE: Hey Kool-Aid-Drinking Crypto-Zealots, Bill Gates Is Right - Crypto Is Killing People

So Bill Gates wants a nanny state where the government "regulates" (more like has a monopoly on) everything. Big surprise. Could it be that such government regulation maintains his monopoly along with all of the other big pro-NWO corporations? Maybe it is time to think for one's self instead of trusting in perceived authorities.


Big centralized government kills more people than anything else! Say no to overlords!

Thank you! That was exactly what I was thinking....

Government wants control and power.
Cryptos are not that easy to track.
So they are afraid of loosing power/control.

That´s all.

Think about the sources of the bad talk about cryptos.
Then you got the answer...

Look on the other side: John McAffee is absolute sure about cryptos.
But he´s also someone prosecuted by the government....