PIRL. A community built crypto. By people for people. NO ICO. NO PREMINE. Open Source Philosophy

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                                                                         What is Pirl ?

 Pirl is the first Ethash based Masternode Crypto,  inspired by the Ethereum project. Pirl is ASIC resistant, built on an  entirely new chain, and harnesses the power of Smart Contracts. The goal  of Pirl is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers  securely through an entirely automated process. Pirl is community based and has an open source  philosophy. Pirl places a strong focus on community involvement in  deciding its future roadmap. Masternode feature, once deployed, will be  an enabler to achieve this objective; Also in the works is a  decentralized marketplace platform where users can buy and sell their  goods and services in a secure and automated environment. Everyone can contribute to make PIRL better! PIRL will remain forever Proof of work (PoW)! 

                                                                       What Pirl is NOT

  •  Pirl is NOT a Token 
  •   Pirl is NOT an ICO 
  •   Pirl is NOT Eth 

                                                                           Pirl Features


  • Algorithm : Dagger
  • Time between block : 13 sec
  • Total block reward : 12 PIRL
  • Miner reward : 10 PIRL / block
  • Masternode & dev : 2 PIRL / block
    (dev fee will be used for promotion and future development)
  • Network ID : 3125659152
  • rpc port : 6588
  • Node : https://github.com/pirl/pirl
  • Linux bin : http://release.pirl.io/latest.tar.gz
  • Docker image : pirl/pirl-node



 A masternode is a primary node in the PIRL network. A masternode for  PIRL not only relays transactions, but will be a part of decentralized  apps (dApps), which the development team is currently working on. Hosting a masternode will generate additional PIRL for its owner. The  yield will vary due to the current count of masternodes on the network  and the amount of time the masternodes stays online daily. Anybody can run a masternode!  The current pre-requisites are:    

  •  20.000 PIRL as collateral
  •  Static public IP address

 These pre-reqs could change when the community voting system is finished  and implemented. After the voting system is implemented, the number of  PIRL needed as collateral to run a masternode will be decided by the  community. The voting mechanism is intended to be added to the  blockchain by the community so that anyone with at least 1 PIRL can  vote. 

                                                               Masternode video demo



 Oystr is a decentralised marketplace platform built on top of Pirl,  Oystr enables users to buy, sell and donate their goods, skills or  services in a safe and secure manner using smart contracts. 


                                                     Pirl initial development roadmap for 2017. 


Branding - complited 100%

Plan and document the Pirl brand for future development allowing for easy onboarding of future staff and consistant design. 


Create Linux wallet (Oystr) - complited 100%

Create a functional CLI & GUI Wallet and Pirl Platform for Linux. 


Create mining pool - complited 100%

Create mining pools and network statistics dashboard ready for launch day mining 


Pirl block explorer - complited 100%

Create placeholder block explorer with basic functionality while development is done on bespoke explorer. 


Create Windows/Mac wallet (Oystr) - complited 70%

Create a functional CLI & GUI Wallet and Pirl Platform for Windows & Mac. 


Exchange listings - complited 25%

Get Pirl listed on multiple exchanges to satisfy high demand and generate value. 


Masternodes - complited 50%

Create Masternode functionality for Pirl making pirl the first Eth based coin to have masternodes. 


Bespoke block explorer - Diver - complited 70%

Create a bespoke block explorer to dive into the pirl chain quickly and efficently with a modern user experience. 


Marketplace/Classifieds/Smart Contracts 

Create fully featured decentralised marketplace platform to enable sale/purchase of goods and services. 


Mobile wallets

Create mobile releases of Oystr wallet & marketplace functionality 


External payment solutions

Allow purchase of Pirl directly in fiat using a number of payment methods and solutions allowin access to everyday users. 


Users will define further roadmap

As a community built coin further  development beyond the initial roadmap will be defined and structured by  the community using pirl's unuiqe voting functonality. 


                                                                         OYSTR FOR LINUX                

                                                                        OYSTR FOR MAC       

                                                                        OYSTR FOR WINDOWS                     

                                                                        WEB WALLET       














                                                                           Meet the Team

 PIRL team is composed of developers and community managers from different reaches of the world. 




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