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Burst network size

I've been watching the network size for the past week or so and it has gone down a bit, which is good for us miners.
About a week ago it was up at 88xxx TB and yesterday it was at 74xxx TB which is roughly a 16% decrease.

But as of today it's back at 77xxx TB (roughly 12% decrease).1507burstny.JPG

Overall it has had a huge spike, almost double the size that it used to have which according to some has been because of several bot nets stepping in to cash in on the mining.

The recent decrease could be due to several pools being hijacked and DDoS:ed which could have made some miners stop untill their pool is up and running again.

Untill Lexitoshi is back up (which was the one I was mining in before it got DDoS:ed) I'll be using http://falconburstpool.xyz/

If you have any suggestions as to which pool to use then please shoot me a comment!

Best Regards,

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