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Income from mining in August

Below you can see all my transactions in august:


I managed to mine 3 blocks which made the total amount to become pretty high compared to the storage I'm mining with.
So if we remove the 28.5 burst from the 10th (was from mining in July) and also add 114 which I haven't been paid yet the total comes to 3346 burst.

With the current price that's an income of 31$ for this month.


My current plot size is 8.1 TB and the pool I'm in is

Stay tuned!



I'm just getting started with burst, I have 2 8TB drives. I need to plot them but it takes ages and I'm not sure that I've got my settings right.

Yeah it took me about 6 days per 4TB drive, but I was only running it on 2 cores (i5 4670K).

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