Ye, I agree, there are rumors they are starting their own coin/ico

I am sure they will. I can't believe they are so damn late to the game though lol

Yea, I think they are handling this with caution but I had hopes they would use LTC with the rumors haha since I have a position on that. Nice to meet you tho and I dropped you a follow @ozwald, hopefully we can grow together and give advice!

Thanks. I'll probably resteem, upvote and comment often! I am really excited for Steem in 2018, I don't hold any LTC so I haven't been watching the situation too closely but I know a lot of people were really hoping LTC would be Facebooks choice. I don't think Facebook would adopt anything they can't control directly. Coin/token reward based incentives is the future of all marketing - but it won't be anything you can mine or earn yourself (at least not coins for businesses like Facebook lol). I could be wrong. Let's see how this goes.

I will be posting a lot of music to DSound in the next year and a some DTube videos, some original photography, memes, rants etc. Plus I share a lot of steemit / crypto related news. Right now I am really interested in Steemit Success Stories and new Coins and Token projects that have actual utility (like STEEM).

I'm still quite new to this platform so I'm growing quite slowly but I believe quality > quantity and if we can put out good useful posts we will definitely grow and flourish. If possible I would like to collab with you in the future or help each other in each of our strongsuits to grow together

If you live anywhere near Toronto - I am thinking about organizing some sort of Steemit meetup here and could use a team of people to organize and promote it.

Unfortuantely no, I'm located in Vancouver, I wish I was. Toronto is definitely a visit destination on my list one day and a great location to stop by

are you on

DUDE You have to check this out man! OMG it's awesome.

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