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Its no news that the EOS blockchain has an added functionality of reversal of transactions, which can be done by a team known as Ecaf and the blockproducers. This was seen during the freeze of seven accounts sometime last month for reports of malicious activities and stolen tokens. It was so sad that people did not see the bright side to this action which was prevention of coin holders from loosing their tokens and the culprits from liquidation of stolen tokens but cried out calling the platform a centralised one. Some individuals even went as far as calling Eos a shitcoin. This particular action by blockproducers which should have resulted in praises turned out disaster for the platform with lots of negative comments.

Today, Isreal's exchange Bancor reported a hack of about $23million which led to the bleeding of cryto market. Holders of those stolen tokens definitely have no one to help them as the coins have probably already been liquidated though an investigation has been started on the matter to track stolen funds. In today's crypto world, tokens are not quite safe again, as at last month, there was the incident of bithumbs hack. Investors are not sure whether their tokens are safe and whether crypto is safe at all. But Eos has come to the rescue, a platform where your tokens are really safe from theft. This is the first of its kind in crypto space. We should all appreciate what Eos stands for and the future it intends bringing to crypto currency


I can see the bright future of EOS.

Wow. I never knew something as horrible as this happened. Thanks for the update friend.

Well said bruv! I love this optimistic point of view and i agree with you

@pasaift, I'm waiting for the continuation of the topic