How Zerocoin Works in 5 Minutes

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Fellow PIVian Turtleflax wrote a great article titled "How Zerocoin Works in 5 Minutes".

As the title suggests it's a quick read and it will explain Zerocoin in a simple manner without leaving out too much of the technicalities.


The article breaks the process down for you in three simple steps:

  • Step 1 - The mint
  • Step 2 - Time passes
  • Step 3 - The spend

And the article explains some exclusive PIVX Zerocoin features like:

  • zPoS
  • dzPIV
  • ezPIV
  • Automint
  • The Smallest Spend Sizes
  • The First to Allow Fractional Spends
  • The First to Spend to 3rd Parties

If you want know how Zerocoin works and you have 5 minutes click here to read the article.

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My fav quote from the article:

PIVX is not most Zerocoin implementations. PIVX is the only coin to offer one-time seed backups with a feature called dzPIV (deterministic zPIV).

Good and short explanation, but I still have a question: Will the zPIVX I send to someone else show up everytime as PIVX in there history or can I change that?

I know that it is impossible to trace that transaction back to me, but if someone can see that an account gets money out of nowhere it is pretty self explanatory that this account has incomming private transactions and with the amount you are sending an identification should be possible (over invoices for example).

Awesome tech, great explanation :)

Resteemed, keep up the good work people !