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What is Global Risk Exchange:

ICO Global Risk Exchange is a decent generation of decentralized platforms. It is designed to exchange risk very safely. As a result of this kind of production, this introduction has a profound effect on the construction of an optimum and reliable method for different companies and businesses. That's my idea. However, through this project, we will be able to make a secure, risk-free transfer to everyone. The GRE project will also support insurance and procurement activities.

The ICO Global Risk Project is a very special project. Because it is a risk-sharing experience, it can bring you many benefits. In order to minimize the loss in the GRE project, you will be able to innovate to share experiences for increasing liquidity in companies and businesses in the future. It is based on a very special matter based on a secondary survey.

About the GRE project:

GRE is a project to exchange risk monitoring around the world. It lowers the risk of risk, through which the GRE project will include risk management, coordination with risk management, replacement of insurance premiums, renewals, APIs and SDKs. It is very easy for a man to handle this through a wide scope of opportunity, storing things in one place in the works.

In particular, the designers abandoned the traditional example of risk management. They have been completely refurbished, including derivatives and insurance contracts, without any conventional opinion. Hence, risk management can be easily managed by using smart contracts in a more efficient and even-environmental ecosystem. These facts seem to indicate that their project is a very valuable project to the present world.

It will also provide 100% information on risk management and management in the preparation of agreements. It is a very valuable thing. All data is first checked by the system and the community. Thereafter, customers will be able to receive a commission at a successful sale of this unique contract.

Let's look at the options offered by the GRE project,

• Provide allowances for exchange management experience and risk management.

• Building business models more efficiently and safely and reducing risk.

• Maintaining a quality audit on liquidity risk, pricing, trading problems, etc.

• Secure and protect the user data 100%.

• Performing the transaction, signing contracts

• Payment of the transaction;

• rewarding developers based on their symbols.

• Bringing various visitors to attract new customers.

• As collateral and etc...

Do you know the experts from crypto that can make the GRE project a lot of mysterious-looking investors attracted by the GRE-project? Also, large companies and both private entrepreneurs will be interested in this, and this will be a great demand. Because they are united by each desire: to reduce the incidence and loss of incomes to increase income. Certainly, a number of foreign companies and organizations are already willing to invest in this innovative project, GRE-Project.

This shows that the GRE has already been able to gain the attention and confidence of a very large audience. My personal opinion is that soon this project will be successful.

Look at their website, most interesting.

This link can go to the GRE project web site. https://www.gref.io/

About GRE token

Symbol: RISK

Sector: Infrаѕtruсturе

Platform: Ethеrеum

Token Type: ERC20

Start Dаtе: Apr 01, 2018

End Date: Apr 30, 2018

Cоuntrу: Hong-Kong

Pауmеnt Mеthоd: • BTC • ETH

Stаrt Priсе: 1 RISK = 0.00,001 ETH

Tоtаl Supply: 10,000,000,000

Knоw Your Cliеnt (KYC): Yеѕ

Prеѕаlе Stаrt Dаtе: Mау 14, 2018

Presale End Date: Mау 14, 2018

Stаtuѕ: Recent

Token Sale Plan,

RISK'ѕ distribution рlаn:

  • 10% for Fоundаtiоn mаnаgеd fund, used fоr GRE Foundation's ореrаtiоn, can unleash in thе nеxt a pair of уеаrѕ;

  • 30% fоr соmmunitу dеvеlорmеnt fund, used fоr rеwаrd раrtnеrѕ whо соntributе tо GRE соmmunitу.

  • 20% for fоunding tеаm аnd dеvеlорmеnt tеаmѕ, thоѕе tоkеnѕ can bе аѕѕignеd tо fоunding groups, ѕuсh аѕ еаrlу соmmunitу соntributоrѕ and futurе tеаm members.

GRE Team and Advisors:::::

Development team,


GRE investors,

Let's see what the RoadMap of a GRE project is like,

They have built their RoadMap in 5 stages.

2018 Q1

  1. GRE-Core development
  2. Centralized Oracle development
  3. Demo of GRE App development
  4. Demo version of App-server development

2018 Q2

  1. HI editor development
  2. Mobile wallet development
  3. Official App development
  4. Continue GRE-Core and Oracle development

2018 Q3

  1. Development of Alpha Edition
  2. Provide API & SDK
  3. Security audit
  4. GRE test running

2018 Q4

  1. Basic RDHI library content production
  2. KYC related development
  3. Security audit
  4. Complete migration to public chain
  5. Formal operation of the GRE primary market

2019 Q1

  1. Development of secondary market editor
  2. Content production of secondary market base
  3. Secondary market security audit
  4. Complete development of the Alpha version of secondary market

You can get more information about the GRE project from the following link:::::::::::

WEBSITE :https://www.gref.io/

WHITEPAPER :https://www.gref.io/gre.whitepaper.en.pdf

FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/GRE-Foundation-2080066572230352/

TWITTER :https://twitter.com/GRE_RISK

TELEGRAM :https://t.me/GREF_EN

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