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Hello All of my friends... Today I am going to present you a very valuable project. This is especially true with regard to the exchange of money. Let's see what such a special project is,

Send ( SDT )

Let's see What is SEND(SDT)?

Send (SDT) is a digital currency unit designed to deal with exchange fluctuations and high volatility. We are able to use it safely. They also say that SDT can be used by people, institutions, and various applications who try to store, transfer or exchange any value of any form without any uncertainty.

  • Solutions for 3 Frequently Asked Questions through the Send Project.
  1. For a fixed period of time, a fixed price is a fixed price,
  2. Prevention of volatility
  3. Users let customers trust in income.

Also, the convention price of this SDT coin is determined at the end of each agreement period.

They will carry out their work in the following five phases:

  1. SDT as a concept

  2. SDT as an asset

  3. Power of community

  4. Mass adoption

  5. SDT as money

Send platform

The platform of Send project is the WeSend platform. It is based on Ethereum, WeSend on the platform has its own application. Sending the first asset using send (SDT). The specialty of this is the WeSend application that offers the ability of third parties to deal in multiple transactions with high security without third parties. There are no limitations on sending money. The application is free of any borders worldwide.

SDT tokens can be exchanged on the WeSend platform, allowing instant and inexpensive money transfer. The value of the SDT token comes with a game like WeSend with its pool. It is recognized by stakeholders as a shareholder. They also have programs that can benefit the user community. Indeed, an SDT token is provided for the developers who decide to execute the SDT token exchange.

Signing transactions

Now let's see how this is happening here.

For this purpose Verified addresses will provide a transparent mechanism of consensus networking of the Consensus Network to the world. The members of this Agreement will receive the legitimate addresses through the Send Foundation. Also, it will also enable transactions with the exchange rate. This is equivalent to the ERC20 standard transmission mechanism. My idea is this is a great thing. This is definitely what people are hoping for.

  • They have presented two unique features.
  1. Voting mechanism
  2. Vesting mechanism

Let's talk about each of them separately,

1.Voting mechanism

To send the letter of the mail, a vote can be taken to minimize the desired tokens for a vote. Any user who suits these terms can vote at a specific time, and all voters go to Blokench, where a simple inquiry can be obtained. In order to prevent the compilation and handling of a safety mechanism, the token will settle the account balance when the token has an active query, The user will update it when using the vote or when a transaction is in progress. This reduces gas costs for computing and storage. This is certainly a valuable thing for the developer.

2 Vesting mechanism

According to their report, the top supply is modeled in their system, and the entire symbol package will be preserved seven years later. This means that there are a number of tokens available from the Timing Agreement with time. If any SDT token receives 10 months in any address, the first Token 1 will be available in the first month, after 5 months, 5 tokens and 10 seconds after 10 months. # you can check more pieces of information about this using this link,

SDT supply

The maximum supply of SDT is 700 million, and the projected projections are based on this coin supply. However, after the token dispensing, true coins depend on the supply of token delivery. Also, all Token distributions are burned without any Token distribution. The actual token supply is not assessed until the token distribution is completed.

Now, let's briefly state their ICO,

Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 700,000,000 SDT
Price: 1 SDT = 0,20 USD

Soft cap: no
Hard cap: 231,000,000 SDT

Quantity: 70,000,000 SDT
Beginning: 01.06.2018
Completion: 30.06.2018

Quantity: 161,000,000 SDT
Beginning: 15.07.2018
Completion: 14.07.2009
up to 10% of the Distribution of tokens

They distribute this token under two stages.

Distribution Stage 1 - Pre-sale

• Cap: up to 70,000,000 SDT
• Timeframe: Runs on Q2 2018
• Price: Tokens sold at a fixed price 0.14 USD/SDT + F&F bonuses
• Vesting: 3-month vesting.
• Coins accepted: Ethereum (ETH)
• Unsold tokens burned

Distribution Stage 2 - Continuous supply offering

• Cap: 161,000,000 SDT
• Timeframe: Runs for 365 days, starting on Q2 2018
• Price: Dynamic; starts 0.20 USD/SDT and sold at SDT Consensus Price Formula
• Vesting: New token pool vests every day (441095.89 SDT/day)
• Coins accepted: Ethereum (ETH)
• Unsold tokens will be burned at the end of each day (23:59:59 EST)
Remaining tokens will follow the vesting model outlined below:
• WeSend Foundation: 7 year, linear vesting.
• WeSend Corporation: 7 year, linear vesting.
• Team: 4 years, linear vesting.
• Advisors: 3 months, linear vesting.

SEND Protocol Roadmap

Send project is one of the most unique RoadMap. Facebook (Facebook) and WeSend (WeSend) activities will start with the Send (SDT) network approaching any pre-existing volume of volume.




You know, there was a huge team in the Send project.

  • Advisors,

I think you have some idea about this Send project through this article. Then to Good Luck to everyone

You have the ability to attend their Bounty Campaign. You can get SDT token free. You can link to the link below.

Author Details,

All the important information of Send can be found here:

Official website:






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