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Data Ecosystem by Arcs

Data is as important as life because one's data is his/her life makeup. The world relies on data to survive due largely to the fact that inferences are drawn from it to develop new products or improve existing products. Big companies rely on users' data to function effectively. Google, Facebook, and other big companies that have access to individuals data make money from it by selling such data to other companies who have the need for it. Nevertheless, this is done without the consent of the individual data owner. Leaving our data in the wrong hands can affect our lives negatively as such data can be used for ends that are not in accordance with our wishes.


Data can be used to find new solutions to life's problems. For instance, a psychologist can draw inferences from the life patterns of an adolescent to provide solutions to adolescent behaviors. Data can be built upon to make society more meaningful. Health workers can also draw from the genetics of individuals to invent cures for chronic illness. Marketing companies can improve their sales through individual shopping preferences which they get to know by harnessing data of different types of individuals.


Arcs is a blockchain project that targets the data industry. The goal of Arcs is to empower the masses of their data value and its worth. Arcs create an avenue for individuals and corporate data firms to transact data securely. Arcs understand the importance of data and how delicate it is. This is the reason why it providing a secure means of data transactions between individuals and corporate bodies or just anyone who has a need for data. Arcs being deployed on the blockchain technology ensures end to end security of data. Secondly seeing how big firms trade individuals' data without any sort of compensation, Arcs is changing this status quo thereby making room for Individuals to be paid for the data they provide. Of recent, we have the GDPR mostly concerned with data security. Arcs will ensure every individual or corporate data provider abides by the dictates of data regulations such as GDPR.


Choosing Arcs will ensure that your target audience is reached. This is because the data you get as a corporate or individual data seeker will be compliant with your needs. A car vendor who has a need for people's opinions on their car specifications and preferences will be able to get first-hand data of car lovers and not any random opinion on the Internet. The data gotten will always be filtered to ensure its directly targeting the needs it's being provided for. Secondly, Arcs is ensuring the security of data. Every individual on the Arcs network will be secured of the data they provide because data is stored using blockchain technologies which is immutable. Individual data providers are going to get paid for the data they provide. As an individual or corporate data provider, you will also be compensated for the data you provide. With the Arcs network, everyone is safe and ensures some revenue for their data services. This is a project everyone should be a part of to make the best of their data.



Arcs is a blockchain project built on the Eth network. The Ethereum network will power the smart contract between data providers and buyers. Before data is traded, the parties involved reach a consensus on the amount of data to be provided and the worth of such data. The Eth blockchain smart contract binds the parties involved ensuring no one goes against the contract of the data deal. The Arcs platform will be powered by their native token known as Arcs with the ticker ARX. This is an erc20 token.
Token Information
Token symbol: ARCS
Token ticker: ARX
Token supply: 20,000,000,000
Decimal: 18

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